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Sep 4th 2013 new
Hi, Brenda! While I don't live close enough to meet weekly, I do like to get together with other members as well. Another member (Lucy from Peoria) and I sometimes coordinate gatherings in central Illinois. You can message me if you are interested or keep an eye on the Member Gatherings Forum. I believe there are a few CM women from the St. Louis area that might be interested too. If you haven't already, you might post this topic in St. Ann's Room.
Sep 4th 2013 new
Marge - the original idea was for a coffee club - not excluding anyone & Then I posted one for a social women's group so I have both ideas floating out there - I'm open to anything, frankly . But thanks for the heads up & Good luck to you
Sep 4th 2013 new
Brenda - post a thread in the Meet Ups room naming the area you are interested in organizing gatherings. Check out some of the other threads in that room to get an idea of how to title it to draw folks from your area in.

Marge had a good point - you may want to welcome anyone for coffee, see how many folks from your area might be interested. After a gathering or two - if the ladies want to break out and have ladies-only gatherings in addition to co-ed ones - that's like a double win IMO!

Our Indy group has co-ed activities all the time - from actual organized events, to meeting for dinner someplace, to just a few gals getting together for a movie. The more you can spread the word - the better your turnout will be a good one.

ANYONE on CM can put together a gathering - they are completely member driven. Any of you in other areas that expressed interest in this great idea - post your own thread in the Meet Ups room for your area and see what happens. Once you get one or two under your belt - break the ice, so to speak - it's easier every time for folks to want to join in.

Good Luck to you - have a wonderful time!
Sep 8th 2013 new
(quote) Marge-938695 said: ... I very much value the friendships I've made over the years with CM gals. But honestly -- I'm here to meet GUYS.
Is it galling only to meet gals, and it syugs not to meet guys? Yet, is galling an offer by life of a sponge at the end of a hyssop stick?
Sep 8th 2013 new
I'd meet in a heartbeat if I was near you. I recently moved to Massachusetts from New Hampshire and would love to join a social group near me. Most of my friends are in New Hampshire still. Good luck
Sep 11th 2013 new

wish i could.. but am too far.... Good luck... God bless
Sep 11th 2013 new
Why are there so few CM members in this part of the country. We have Catholic churches out here too, honest we do.
Sep 11th 2013 new
(quote) Brenda-455089 said: I really enjoy reading the posts on here and would love to meet other women for friendship in person. I'd lke to start a social group that met once a wk for coffee and/or other. If anyone in my geographical area reads this & you are interested, please contact me either through this thread or message me directly! I'd love to get the most of out of CM and I can't believe I am the only woman my age in this area who couldn't benefit from new friends and broadening her social circle! Have a great day, Brenda
How about wearing#10 at a Giants game!!!!
Sep 12th 2013 new

You might want to look on for ideas.
Sep 13th 2013 new
Thanks Brenda - I have to say this picture was taken about 3 years ago, but people say I do look young for my age (sometimes don't feel it though!). I would like more women friends in the Central part of NJ (not too far from the devastation wrought yesterday upon Seaside Heights/Seaside Park; horrible).

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