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Just made a new post,in the stream title and in St Peters Square it is a capitol for God,yet in the"All Forums "section listing it is a small do I change this? boggled
Sep 3rd 2013 new
Anne, I've noticed that if you put a quotation mark immediately before a capital letter in a thread title, it will be changed to a lower case letter. It's a bug.
Sep 3rd 2013 new
I would tend to agree with Edward.. it is probably a software issue. Maybe one of the Staff can explain the reason for it. smile
Sep 4th 2013 new
Thanks both of you for the explanation.:)
Sep 4th 2013 new
G'Day Anne,

I think that the software is set-up such that in a topic's title any letter that is not preceded by a space will be displayed as a small case letter once it is entered. I believe that the reason for this is to prevent titles that are all capital letters and I believe the reason for this avoidance of all capitals is because CM feels that all capitals seem to show too much of one or another kind of aggression or vehemence and that this will upset some of the viewers.

I think that all capitals should be allowed. I think that at most a very few members will actually wilt at the sight of a lower-caseless title. I think that coming across "Jrr Tolkien", "J.r.r. Tolkien" or "god" is more disturbing.


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