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Discussion related to living as a Catholic in the single state of life. As long as a topic is being discussed from the perspective of a single Catholic then it will be on-topic.

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Sep 5th 2013 new
(quote) Susan-857876 said: this thread has convinced me to change my profile to friendship only

Why Susan?

Sep 5th 2013 new
(quote) Obianuju-794337 said: I am single because I believe in the Church's teachings on marriage so I'm looking to meet someone who also views marriage in the same way so we can raise a family for God.
Thanks Uju for sharing. I feel the same too. If I wanted to marry just for the sake of it, I would have been married years ago. But I don't take marriage lightly. I've seen so many broken marriages and I do not want that for myself. Nobody does right? Some people say the older you get, the less pickier you become.. I think that isn't true. I've waited so long for the right person, im not going to just jump at an opportunity for marriage just because..... the wondering is more, where is the imperfect person for the imperfect me so we can be perfect together? Im His time right? When is that? Some thoughts I wonder about sometimes.
Sep 5th 2013 new
there are definitely times where I wonder why i'm single, but I realize that it's a combination of having not met the "right one" yet, and realizing that there are still a few things I need to work on in my life.
Sep 5th 2013 new
(quote) Chia-918794 said: have you ever wondered why you are still single at a certain age? I have... a lot! I know im a good person, hard working, thoughtful kind, loved by many people friends and family... but I always end up with failed relationships. Then I see lots of people who are not that good, cheats, but still get married and divorced then married again and they keep in cheating. I see parents who cannot even feed their kids but they continue to have kids. What's up with that? I wonder... is it me? am I doing things wrongly? I continue to wonder...
Why am I single? Because it is a part of God's plan for me at this time. Other parts of that plan are location, education, health, employment, love of the Church, friends....the list goes on.

My only knowledge of His plan is what I experience on a daily basis in my life. I do have options and choices. I cannot and do not compare myself to others who are married or in a relationship. We all walk our own journey on this earth.

Would I like to be in a relationship or married? Yes. That's why I'm on CM. I do not shut any doors and I seek out companionship and friendship with women. If a more intense relationship develops....wonderful.

I can appreciate the longing and yearning for marriage. I have been there. I also feel that in my life there are God-given opportunities: service, friendship, family, etc. I want to participate in life fully and anytime spent in wondering about my marital status(or lack thereof) keeps me from enjoying the journey of life.

There's a lot of living left to do....God willing.

Sep 6th 2013 new
Hi Kathy,

Please don't worry about your weight. I used to be 98 lbs. soaking wet when my doctor put me on medications which ballooned my weight to 180. The weight is coming off thank God with the gym and diet but it can be hard on the self esteem I know. I just knew that folks in my church that knew me well were wondering what happened but they also know I was having health issues. I share your concern that maybe someone will not like me because of my weight and think maybe because I am a little heavy that I don't take care of myself and think I sit around eating bon bons every day. If someone thinks that way and doesn't want to find out the story, oh well. Our Prince Charmings will love us no matter the size and as long as my family, friends and God who made me loves me, its enough for me.
Sep 7th 2013 new
Thank you Chia for your response. I am sorry you lost your BF. actually you didn't loose him, God has him now & he will be waiting for you when it's your time. My daughter, Christene, passed away due to complications from birth, but she is my parking angel. Where ever I drive to, 80% of the time I get front row parking. It's so trippy but also fun.
Sep 7th 2013 new
Hi Jennifer,
I hope your medical condition is healed. I agree, and thank you for lifting the heaviness of my weight(no pun intended) off my heart. If a man can not get passed my looks, than he is not worthy of seeing the beauty of what's inside of me. His lose. !
Sep 7th 2013 new
(quote) Kathy-998727 said: My daughter, Christene, passed away due to complications from birth, but she is my parking angel. Where ever I drive to, 80% of the time I get front row parking. It's so trippy but also fun.
Sorry to hear about your daughter... and yes I agree we both have angels in Heaven. I wish you all the best and lots of blessings! Hope to hear how things.go with you.
Sep 8th 2013 new
May you be bless abundantly and may heavy heart be lifted with abundant of love and hope rose Praying hug rosary theheart rose rose

Being single has rewards that we can give and share wisdom from loss of our lifetime partner or children which is Love. This, Christ love, can continue to grow and share to our new love which begins within us transformation Christ gave us. heart rose rose :rose:
Sep 10th 2013 new
Keep the faith! He is out there, he just took a wrong turn and won't ask for directions!:)
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