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Discussion related to living as a Catholic in the single state of life. As long as a topic is being discussed from the perspective of a single Catholic then it will be on-topic.

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Sep 14th 2013 new
(quote) MyoneeConchita-67465 said: Hi Chia!
Thank you for the good words. I see you are from Manila. Mabuhay, kabayan! ;)

anyway, goodluck and God bless you too in your search for true love and to what God wants you to be. :)
Hi Myonee, musta? Mabuhay din sayo! :-) And good luck on your search too. :-)
Sep 15th 2013 new
After reading all the threads, I am starting to be appreciate being single. Ability of doing things i have put aside, I am able to accomplish and immensely enjoying now, plus achieving more than I ever dream .... turning a new leaf (love foliage) through God's grace and love....although, God knows i still have a long way to overcome some things which is slowly dissipating this is due, partly, to all members of CM (contribution in the forum, blogs, etc) as well those to whom so graciously are my springboard (msg, txt, etc) .... hug Praying rosary theheart rose rose rose
Sep 17th 2013 new
(quote) Chia-918794 said: have you ever wondered why you are still single at a certain age? I have... a lot! I know im a good person, hard working, thoughtful kind, loved by many people friends and family... but I always end up with failed relationships. Then I see lots of people who are not that good, cheats, but still get married and divorced then married again and they keep in cheating. I see parents who cannot even feed their kids but they continue to have kids. What's up with that? I wonder... is it me? am I doing things wrongly? I continue to wonder...
Don't worry about it miss Chia, God's plan for you will unravel soon enough! just be open minded and openhearted for changes in your life so you can meet more new people (which is the key of finding someone in my opinion). But maybe praying for inner peace will give you more comfort and guide you through your single life. It works very well for me :-). But to answer your Q for why I am single: I think that I am single because God wants to protect me. God knows my qualities and god knows my weaknesses. My greatest weakness is that I am really bad at resisting impurity once I am inside a relationship. I am not saying that I am a promiscuous person. but when I look at my exes the chemistry was always quick,strong and intense that the temptation of impure thoughts and impure deeds were always on the corner (and luckily most of them we could resist). I have been single by choice for a year now and deep in my heart I feel that God blessed me with this singleness because there is already a special someone out there. Through my singleness God is guiding me towards her and protecting me from sidetracks that lead nowhere (temptations). In the mean time before I find her I am working on myself too so I can be a good partner/Husband/father. I am really studying the multiple facets of the Catholic faith so I myself can someday function as a moral compass for my future family. I recently introduced prayers like angelus (3x) and the rosary into my daily routine and I started to study the bible. These small changes have really given me peace of heart and given me a much more positive view on life. Besides religion I also started to work out daily and took up yoga. And through Yoga I met a lot of new (female) friends (unfortunately none of them Catholic........but still :-D ). I hope that this little sneak peak into my life can help you too :-). God bless you sister!
Sep 17th 2013 new
Why am I single?

I contribute it to my upbringing. I never was interested in dating in high school - I was always harassed and ridiculed for not being like everybody else in school. (Sports-driven, not arts-driven.) I never even went to prom, and nobody ever asked me.

I had an abusive experience my first year in college, which I subsequently tried to bury and never thought about dating or relationships. Then after college I was focused on starting my career and making money to pay off the gobs of school loan debt.

After several career direction changes, and now deciding to open my own business and take my own life in control, instead of working for others, I've decided it's time to start dating - thus why I'm on CM.

And you know what? I'm the loneliest I've ever been. Although I go out of my way to do things for people, they seem to not want me around. Shame, because I have some unique offerings that most people don't have.

I'll admit I haven't the least idea about dating - how to approach it, what/when to say/do things. But put me in my job, and watch me go!

Just like working on your own business, learning to date is also a learning experience.
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