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Saint Peter's Square was created so that more people could be in the presence of the Pope and was named after Saint Peter, one of Jesus's apostles.
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Dec 13th 2013 new
I thank God for my brother....whose suggestions/actions probably saved my life. At almost this exact time 2 years ago today...I was taking a phone call and had severe "crushing" chest pains. He saw I was worried....and suggested calling emergency. Instead.... (dumb ole me) thought it COULD be severe indigestion and insisted on him taking me to the clinic across the street from our office. They found out with the results of an EKG I was having a heart attack. I was then transported to a major hospital. I thank God and my brother.....he was there. In fact...gonna thank him again now!
Dec 13th 2013 new

Every evening while saying my evening prayers, I'm climbing into bed, thanking God for the warm bed, the roof over my head, and a good night's sleep. There are many people around the world who don't have even these basic necessities!

Nice post, Jerry! Peace, love and joy!

fluffy snowman wreath snowman fluffy wreath snowman fluffy

Dec 24th 2013 new
I thank God again for all of you and......MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
Dec 24th 2013 new
you too Jerry, and everyone!! xmastree God bless!
Dec 24th 2013 new
I thank God for having the chance to meet you all and become a part of your family.
God bless us everyone!
Dec 24th 2013 new
what a sweet thing to say, Larry. xmastree :God bless you and yours snowman
Dec 24th 2013 new
I am thankful for prayers being answered.
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