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Sep 6th 2013 new
Have to say I haven't found CatholicMatch to be a waste of money and time. I have been pleasantly surprised by the experience. Perhaps if I had come into it with definite ideas about what should happen I would have been disappointed. I came onboard, however, with eyes open and wondering what this was all about. I had been pointed in this direction by acquaintances who suggested that the interaction on the Forums....and the Forums themselves...were a great source for discovering who you believe you are versus who you really are. The result could be the same but....maybe not!! In the anonymity of this site you are free to explore and express what you think. Sometimes when you see and hear yourself up against what others think and feel you can get a better and more solid grasp on just who you might really be. Then it's up to you to take the next step.

Because I am only In Process regarding my marital status, I am on this site "Friendship Only". On occasion I have been approached by men who were curious, for lack of another word to describe it. I've stayed in touch with some and others have gone on to parts unknown!! I've interacted with several women who could become fast friends.

So, for me, CatholicMatch has not been a waste of money and time. For what I've gotten out of it, the price has been very low! Like so many alone cannot decide the outcome. You can decide that you're going somewhere only. Whether you have a good time is up to what you put into it combined with how you blend with the others you encounter at the place you've chosen to go.
Sep 6th 2013 new

Everyone tells single people to "get out there" and meet people. Over the years, I have tried different things hoping to meet my own Prince Charming. I took cooking classes, tennis lessons, swing dancing lessons. All of those things cost money, and I havent met Prince Charming. At least I enjoyed myself at those events, grew as a person, and developed new skills. I haven't met Prince Charming on CM yet either. But I have grown in my faith, and the forums have provided moral support, interesting conversations, good music and even a few laughs every now and then.

Sep 6th 2013 new
(quote) Claudia-977635 said: Anyone else out there finding catholicmatch to be a huge disappointment, waste of money, waste of time and confirmation of the lack of suitable matches out there?
There is an excellent response to your concern in the article "Are Singles Too Spoiled?" It really is a must read! We have so many options, choices, etc, that we can't decide because we fear a BETTER choice is coming up! Read the article in the Institute section!
Sep 6th 2013 new
(quote) Claudia-977635 said: Anyone else out there finding catholicmatch to be a huge disappointment, waste of money, waste of time and confirmation of the lack of suitable matches out there?
been on you shoes, at first .. yes, i do get disappointed, frustrated, lots of reasons to mention... queries to submit through help ticket... Part of life wherein we were used with the other dating sites feature, and trying to search the same here.. and if we didn't get the response, we start to be confused, and ask.. questions like why on the other dating sites, when someone added you as favorite or interest, you can chat them, why here on CM you click one as favorites yet when you try to send invitation for chat, either not available or wait for a response?" we start comparing.. expecting we can chat someone in an instant.. (guilty of that.. ) or like YM, you'll see the list who's on idle mode, online, unlike here, you'll see favorites list online, but not available to chat...

i understand your disappointments because for us CM is not created just to gain friends, then they should rename it as CatholicFriends, for us CM is a dating site for single men and women searching for love/match that will lead to a possible marriage, wherein both faith will grow too.. but it won't happen that fast, here on CM, we need more patience, a lot of understanding with the site features, we have help ticket here.. keep on asking.. (it's free)

If you really feel disappointed on how CM works, why not pause for a while, re asses everything, then decide ... or better keep on viewing profile, like what other's comments here, do the initiative, send wink and lots of emo... add as many favorites as you want, if their not available for chat, get their attention through message... if no response.. do the same.. never say die... offer a prayer (be specific when praying)... you maybe disappointed for now, but always remember God carries you, the moment you decide to join here...

Sep 6th 2013 new
Disappointing? depends on what one was expecting.

I have been disappointed (in the extreme) in my hopes of meeting someone to share the rest of my life with.

But for someone like me with limited social outlets, CM has been a mental lifesaver. I have made friends with half a dozen nice guys and probably 20 nice gals all over the country (and some who are abroad) -- friends I've travelled with and corresponded with and prayed with and laughed with.

CM met needs I didn't know I had.

Sep 6th 2013 new
I have found chat to be clicky and exclusive. I am going to try the forums here. Other than that I am glad I joined. I have been searching for a long time now and I will never give up on people. I know there are good people out there everywhere.

Praying to The Holy Spirit is the best thing to do. Give it to God.

j theheart biggrin
Sep 6th 2013 new
(quote) Claudia-977635 said: Anyone else out there finding catholicmatch to be a huge disappointment, waste of money, waste of time and confirmation of the lack of suitable matches out there?
No, Claudia, I haven't and I'm sorry that you have. I have been surprisingly pleased surprised with my experience on CM so far and I just joined on my birthday Jan. 1. I consider it a wise and worthy investment that has provided me with opportunities and insights I never would have had. scratchchin

Chatting with and meeting some fine folks here on this site ~ and in person ~ has reinforced my belief that there are many, good, practicing Catholic, single adults 'out there', but who are nonetheless lonely. We are all searching for the same basic thing...someone to share our hearts and lives with in a committed Christ-centered relationship. This site is just one positive avenue you can explore. If only there was a way to instantly 'match up' ALL of the good, decent, practicing Catholic, single men and women in our world with each other, then our problems would be solved. crossfingers Until then, please don't give up. To use a phrase that I tell my piano students,

"Life is like a piano...

If you want to hear beautiful music coming from it, you

must practice and give it all you've got." fluffy

May the Good Lord in HIs kindness and mercy, grant all of our heart's desires. Praying

Whoever reads this post is encouraged to participate in all of the features offered here on CM, especially the Events, if possible. I was blessed to meet and become friends with a super bunch of folks in the Midwest through the Facebook group CAMA (Catholic Adults Meeting Adults) Indy, comprised of many CM members and some non-CM members. It is based in the Indianapolis, IN area, but members attend the numerous events ~ big and little ~ from all over the country! wave

Check out their FB page. Or better yet, go to this site's Events section and read about the upcoming Camp Out to be held in October. Keep your feet planted firmly in the ground, but never stop reaching for those stars, my dear. You get a Gold Star!

Sep 6th 2013 new
Nope, not at all. I used to think "I would sign up, fall in love, and get married over night." Like they say 'expectations are like planned disappointments.'
Sep 6th 2013 new
I am sorry you have found this site a waste of time and money. I have found a lot of inspiration on this site seeing a lot of people with such strong faith. There are a lot of nice stories of people finding someone and getting married. Hang in there, and you are in my prayers.
Sep 6th 2013 new
imho my matches here are likely all non paying members, so yes that is frustrating

................but friends and forums here are great
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