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Oct 8th 2013 new
(quote) Barbara-740721 said: Joan , In my opinion lots of the ladies in the womens room, that might be afraid to say it anywhere else!
I would also like to know What 's wrong with stating an age preference? We make lots of choices in many areas!...all the time!
yup.............mine is 54 to 76 which is not realistic for me
Oct 8th 2013 new
(quote) Debbie-696127 said: Wendy- You are correct. The criteria that currently appears by default does differ between men and women. Since most women tend to show interest in men slightly older and most men tend to show interest in women slightly younger, the default age goes slightly higher for women and slightly lower for men.
. . . you mention "slightly" I am afraid a man 12 years older than me is not slightly older. Two years older is "slightly."

And you wonder why people are getting frustrated with this site. Again, CM gives credence to the people who feel entitled to a younger spouse and frustrates those who are only interested in people closer to their own age.

Oct 8th 2013 new
(quote) Chris-906154 said: Is there some way to change the default search ages? Not the saved searches, but the one that pops up when you hit 'new search?' It seems as though the people who pop up on the front page 'online now' and 'new members' are based off that, and somehow I managed to set the stupid thing several years too low on both ends. Now I feel like a creep when I click click those people and they're basically my little sister, if I had one.
Thanks for bringing this up Chris . . . I will not to let it bother me when older guys view my profile now biggrin
Oct 8th 2013 new
To affirm that the defaults are different for men and women is assuming a lot.
Oct 8th 2013 new
(quote) Linda-982758 said: To affirm that the defaults are different for men and women is assuming a lot.
In one of the posts, Michael stated what his predetermined age range was as created by CM, and it was much younger and just a bit older (than his age). Yet for me, it's just a bit younger and much older (12 years). I have also seen someone (maybe Jerry-moderator) state there was a a formula or something (?) that created the men's and the women's (differently than the men's) age ranges.

But you pose a good question. Maybe the ladies and gents in this thread could put what CM uses for their default search age range and we'd really see the discrepancy.
Oct 10th 2013 new
I can put this to rest, hopefully as it relates to facts as well as reasoning. Reasoning first: people don't like to fill out fields. If we leave the age blank, a large segment will leave it blank and therefore get search results that are wildly mismatched in age.

Facts: from data gathered from browses, men are typically viewing profiles of women little bit older, but mostly around their age or younger. Women are typically viewing profiles of guys a little younger, but mostly around their age or older.

Enter the graph: Age difference break down on browses from yesterday. Women in red, men in blue. The axis is the age difference between the person they're browsing and themselves.

So our default search ages are created from this:
Men: range = Age -25% to Age + 10%
Women: range = Age - 10% to Age +25%

This works out to this type of a grid:

For women
18 year old - 18 to 23
25 year old - 23 to 31
30 year old - 27 to 38
35 year old - 32 to 44
40 year old - 36 to 50
45 year old - 41 to 56
50 year old - 45 to 63
55 year old - 50 to 69
60 year old - 54 to 75
65 year old - 59 to 81
70 year old - 63 to 88

For men
18 year old - 18 to 20
25 year old - 19 to 28
30 year old - 23 to 33
35 year old - 26 to 39
40 year old - 30 to 44
45 year old - 34 to 50
50 year old - 38 to 55
55 year old - 41 to 61
60 year old - 45 to 66
65 year old - 49 to 72
70 year old - 53 to 77

This doesn't fit everyone. It does, however, fit a vast majority. And that's what we're programming for.

Oct 10th 2013 new
Buddy... very nifty.. and very cool looking too. highfive Thanks for posting that up. thumbsup
Oct 13th 2013 new
A while back I was talking with a man in my age group ( he was 65ish).
Said he thought it was Ok for the OLD men to go 4 the young women.( like in their 20 & 30ies)
I ask him the age of his daughter?
he said 35
I said, then it would be ok with you for an old man to search out your daughter?

**HUMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!----It all depends on where your standing !
Oct 14th 2013 new
(quote) Nathan-48443 said:  Women are typically viewing profiles of guys a little younger, but mostly around their age or older. 

Oh I don't know Nathan, maybe the women started browsing older because the men their own age weren't responding?

How about just 5 years older and 5 years younger as a basic start?
Oct 14th 2013 new
As the Staff has already responded to the Original question, this Thread is being locked.
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