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Sep 10th 2013 new
I, for one, get tired of the constant droning of the TV. When I visit my family, they have the TV going all the time. There's no way to talk or catch up with the constant obnoxious noise. It seems to me something is wrong emotionally or psychologically when a person would choose to watch a television program over visiting with a supposed loved one who he/she hasn't seen for a year. It also seems like a sign either of addiction or spiritual investment (as opposed to spiritual poverty) to be concerned about the television.
Sep 10th 2013 new
Chelsea -- my parents' house is like that -- my dad has tv on in one room, radio talk in another room,no quiet place to talk! I need peace to think, talk, interact, pray, hear God's Will for the moment! My parents take in and accept way too much of the secular philosophy of npr and regular media, not to mention the sexual crap.
I have basic cable to get EWTN (great for a kid show after homework occasionally, especially for my J who hopes to be a Religious, and for me while folding clothes,dusting, mending) and the occasional nature or kids shows (Wild Kratts is all they watch) and weather channel. Most weeks especially during school year the tv just stays off always. We have lively, interesting, educational, hilarious, spiritual talk going on at our house without the mindsucking filth on the tv. On the rare occasion when we might watch a sports event or other program with commercials, we change channel to EWTN during all commercials or just turn it off.
I agree that the computer can be a time- and mind-suck too though!
Sep 10th 2013 new
(quote) Chelsea-743484 said: Even the History Channel, National Geographic and PBS are all inundated with false philosophy and offenses to the Catholic religion. Besides that, some of us really don't have time, interest or facilities for television. TV is not necessary to make a well-rounded person, just like the internet is not.
Amen, sister! The thing about it is, most people ... almost everyone addicted to tv... doesn't get that they don't have to be watching a show on philosophy or theology to be indoctrinated into a false and dangerous philosophy. The very point that one is being FED by the heretical (and anti-Catholic) media as to what choices we have for entertainment, or even how we get our factual knowledge predominately after formal education, is a point that people tend to ignore. For instance, the very definition of entertainment has been formed by television media, hasn't it? The standard of, "It's not too tooo bad" is not really a standard based on virtue, but the absence of extreme vice, maybe. The whole notion of entertainment for the sake of edification has gone out the window a LONG time ago.
Sep 10th 2013 new
Most people DON'T not "doesn't" ... and that's from a person who grew up on Get Smart and Hogan's Heros and What's Happening (Happy Days was cute, though, too). It's really "not too too bad" as compared to these reality shows.

But boy, thank goodness I had hobbies that didn't have me watch tv every week.
Sep 10th 2013 new
(quote) Carmel-622850 said: Fox News I find is fair and un-biased. It represents me in and always the same courtesy to either guest be they Liberal or Conservatlive. I like truth and fairness. Carmel
I watch Fox news a lot. You are pretty smart for a Southerner, Carmel!! I don't just watch it for the news Gretchen Carlson is a former Miss America from Minnesota.
Sep 10th 2013 new
I watch a lot of bbc stuff on or else I watch stuff on pbs occassionally but seldom do that. Most of the stuff on regular tv is poorly written and not entertaining.
Sep 10th 2013 new
First, welcome and keep posting in the forums.

Second, I am one of the ladies who has checked 'no tv'. As a child and teenager, the television was rarely on at my family's home. We watched the World News tonight, the Sunday night Disney movie together, the occasional Saturday morning cartoon, some sports, and a few others were scattered in the mix at intervals throughout the years. My siblings and I played tons of games, rode our horses and bikes, played ball and tennis, used our imaginations, read many books, entertained friends, swam, etc. We were involved in every possible activity at school and church; as were most of our friends.
As I branched out into the world, I continued to rarely watch tv. In fact, I was the favorite baby-sitter and nanny with parents because their children and I played games, talked with each other, read, and were creative.
When I moved to Japan, I did purchase a television / VCR combo so I could rent Movies in English; yet the shows were all in Japanese. When I returned to the states, I had no desire to have cable or a tv; yet one of my siblings placed one our college ones in my house because they wanted to watch tv and felt I needed one. Fast forward several years and I still have no desire to watch tv. I will put a movie on for noise when grading some nights just to have noise.

Do I think it is strange? Not any stranger than people watching reality tv and talking about the shows afterwards as if it were real life. Do I understand all the pop-culture questions or comments because I do not watch tv? No, but that is okay. I have been blessed to live in several different cultures and each time I leave the states, I understand less of our pop-culture ...but that too is okay, cause I learn something new everyday and make memories that will last a life- time. Each of us are unique and have different ways to unwind ... For some it is tv and for others it is reading or something different.

Sep 10th 2013 new
After a number of years of being a lapsed Catholic, I came back to the church because of watching EWTN on TV. a combination of watching converts talk about the Catholic church , and Mother Angelica' s sermons brought me back. I learned more form EWTN than I ever did in catechism. I know most tv is junk, but if you look you can find great options, it is like books. most books today are junk, but it would be silly to say because most are junk all are junk. Bill
Sep 10th 2013 new
One of my dear friends from here has a 52" plasma hanging in her house..The only thing it is hooked up to is a DVD video player.. They do watch movies.. But then her kids watch TV shows on the computer via You-tube (ten minute segments at a time).. Last time I visited her I took my little 18" TV so I could watch the tube now and then..

I have to have my TV.. laughing
Sep 10th 2013 new
There are lots of reasons why someone wouldn't watch TV. Time (they find themselves better off reading, volunteering, etc than watching TV - or they simply don't have time to watch TV), money (this would go with the first - if they aren't going to spend a lot of time watching TV, they may feel it is just a waste of money for them), they prefer getting information through other media outlets. Just because someone has on their profile that they "never" watch TV doesn't mean that they are opposed to TV. :)
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