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Discussion related to living as a Catholic in the single state of life. As long as a topic is being discussed from the perspective of a single Catholic then it will be on-topic.

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Sep 12th 2013 new
I guess I better say in a better way. I hope any man send me a message here on CM I take this subject very very seriously. I am waiting for Gods promise! They can hit the road Jack. Lol ! This is smart woman here not going for it!
Sep 12th 2013 new
I'd say that if your relationship couldn't survive celibacy (God's plan) until marriage, then maybe it's not a solid reltionship built on a sound foundation.
If your spouse couldn't be true to God, why would he be true to you?

I always thought that about Bill Clinton's presidency. Folks said he was a good president in spite of his marital infidelities. My thought was that if he couldn't be true to Hillary, with whom he had a child, why would he be true to me, whom he never even met.....then again, maybe it was "getting to know Hillary" that was the catalyst.................c'mon, take a joke
Sep 12th 2013 new
Amen to that... Well said!
Sep 12th 2013 new
We should always try to be Holy. Sometimes we fail in our human condition. One thing I know for certain, if we do or have failed in this department we should NOT beat ourselves up over it, or or beat anyone else up over it. This is why we have confession.

Go and sin no more people. theheart

Much Agape Love to All theheart
Sep 12th 2013 new
(quote) Evelyn-1009190 said: I have just been wondering how easy or difficult it is in our world today going according to the Bible's teachings to remain celebate till after marriage. Does it still exist. Would your relationship survive. Just wondering and need your thoughts on this one.

It's not easy if one or both are NOT focused on God.

I think it's IMPOSSIBLE for those who think contraception AND pre-marital sex is ok. If you think it fine, you'll do it.

I don't waste time with non 7/7's, and if a 7/7 has lied about it, later suggesting it's ok, baby I'm gone! NO SEX throughout the relationship before marriage, period!!!

Personally, I think that if a couple or even just either one, enter the marriage with mortal sin on their souls AT THE TIME OF MARRIAGE then the sacrament cannot take hold. Both are required to be in a state of grace at the moment for it to be valid; that's my understanding.

Pre-marital sex is a mortal sin; it's not in agreement with Christ's teaching; if as an adult (baptized) Catholic one still doesn't get this (male or female), I don't want to take the time to teach you, but especially debate it. Such should get with the Church teaching or stay out.

And, get a different confessor if your priest is telling you it's ok; it's not!,br>
So, in a nutshell, easy or difficult, you have to be able to set sex aside prior to marriage, otherwise guess what, can we say MORTAL SIN? And where does that get ya'? Trust me, there is a HELL!!!
Sep 12th 2013 new
I thought Mortal Sin is now called Grave Sin. What about repentance?
Sep 12th 2013 new
I understand the Church's teaching on this topic. I also believe in the Church's teaching on this topic. Where is the FORGIVENESS in your reply here. WHO are you to condemn someone else to HELL for the choices they make? That is up to ONE "The One and Only.....GOD" not MAN or mortal human beings.

Priests are who we look to for guidance and support when we do fall not for condemnation and ridicule.

Example: If my daughter came home pregnant I certainly would NOT send her away in shame. I may not be happy about it but I would try to be understanding and help them through it. That is what Jesus teaches. We are to lift each other up in love......condemnation does not work, in fact it has an opposite effect many times.
Sep 12th 2013 new
I am encouraged,i thought i was the odd one out. I love you guys.
Sep 12th 2013 new
(quote) Kathleen-878558 said:
Men have been mentioned a few times as the ones who will not marry someone with whom they have not had sex. I have been in several conversations with women who say the same thing.
THANK YOU. It definitely cuts both ways. Glad someone is sticking up for men here. That's not always the case.

I've encountered women who got very angry when the topic of a chaste relationship came up. So all it cost me to avoid that headache was the price of a cup or coffee or Thai meal. Lessons learned.
Sep 12th 2013 new
Sorry. I used men because of the angle from which i was coming
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