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Sep 20th 2013 new
Praying for well-being theheart rose Connie
Sep 21st 2013 new
Praying theheart hug
Sep 21st 2013 new
theheart theheart rosary biggrin Praying for you, Connie.
Sep 22nd 2013 new
I went to another health food store today and was able to talk with a knowledgeable woman who led me in the right direction toward buying items that will help to improve my immune system. Since I already have the mushrooms, she said taking the cordyceps, COq 10 and Sovereign Silver will also be beneficial. I also bought Neem mouthwash to help improve my gums. Silver has healing properties that can be taken internally as well as externally.
It's too bad I didn't start this regiment 30 yrs. ago. My 34 yr. old daughter has used Silver for many years now and loves the benefits she gets from it.
Sep 24th 2013 new
after the Ct test, I got off the table and told the tech he should hand me a "I survived the CT scan" sticker. he laughed but said he did think that I was going to jump off the table and say forget it.

The lung function test was not fun either, especially when the tech closed the door for the last test. while I was breathing into the tube, I kept praying to God for his help to get me through this test. closing an extremely claustrophobic person in a glass room isn't a good idea. But, I survived.

will get my results tomorrow
Sep 24th 2013 new
I love my prayer warriors who are always right by my side.

thank you so much
Sep 26th 2013 new
The scan turned out with negative results for any lung disorders. although, I am still coughing and the dr. couldn't tell me why. He wants me to come back in six months to do all the tests over again, just to be sure that it's still negative.

need prayers now for a mass he found on my liver. Hoping that won't be a serious matter. my appt. is on oct. 25th.
Sep 28th 2013 new

The CT scan is perfectly safe and would not be ordered unless it was necessary to either rule out a serious illness or to find what is causing you the cough. Be assured that it will give you answers and peace of mind.

Ask your provider questions since this is causing you to put off having it.

Sep 28th 2013 new
Looks like I replied too late. Glad your tests were negative. Have you ruled out allergies?
Sep 29th 2013 new
(quote) Chris-589554 said: Looks like I replied too late. Glad your tests were negative. Have you ruled out allergies?
I had that test done a few years ago. Found out all the things I'm allergic to...including my cats. boo hoo. they told me to either get rid of my cats or have the shots. I chose neither. I have sinus issues on a daily basis. One dr. told me that reflux causes people to cough if they don't take prilosec on a regular basis. I take that daily since she brought it up. we have have detected the problem.
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