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Apr 8th 2014 new
(quote) Mark-973089 said: I am not againist a woman writing a man first. But yes men should intitate the first contact and when we do we need to put some thought into our message and introduction. We just need to hit on a few points of interest on the women's profile and tell her how we can fulfill that for them and take care of it and be honest and say what we want. While also being careful not to give the women too much information at 1 time, because then they can get bored or scared instead of letting things develop

All very good points, Mark ... thank you smile

Apr 12th 2014 new
I don't think who's first means anything. But, simply mounting a picture and writing a profile is flirting. That is making the the first move, istself. I feel pictures mean a lot. One's confidence, who is displaying his appearance, can be read by the picture. A person who displays pictures seems serious, willing to look at profiles, and responding. He/she may like you or not. I just look at that as he/she has some reason to be turned on or off. Nothing is wrong with me; she doesn't know what she's missing. I guess I went off track from 'who makes the first move'.
Apr 16th 2014 new
You're 100% correct in women writing to men. As a man who pursues women and always had made the first move, I wonder (as in initiating a dance) how she can just wait to be asked. She'll sometiimes say 'I was glad someone asked me!' Men are shy and don't like rejection, also. We have feelings, too. She'd show she's fearless by making the first move. In a way, flirting and make-up is the first move and can be shown in pictures. The idea is the same as when two do not care for each other, two men for some reason & nothing to do with romance and a third person says 'show you're a MAN by making the first move'.
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