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Saint Vitus is the patron saint of actors, comedians, dancers, and of entertainers in general.
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Oct 15th 2013 new
(quote) Brian-252799 said: Im going out as Whitey Bulger this year.Instead of Trick or Treat Ill say Stick Them Up.
Are there any cops living in your neighborhood? shocked
Oct 15th 2013 new
(quote) Jim-13836 said: I went one year dressed as a psychiatrist complete with a while lab coat and stethoscope. I gave out prescriptions for chocolate chip cookies too on a small, white pad of paper they used to give out( for marketing) with a hospital logo an it. People loved it.
Good One very creative I like the idea of the RX chocolate cookies, that topped it off!
No mini cookie Free Samples? cookie laughing
Oct 15th 2013 new
(quote) Barbara-740721 said: Good One very creative I like the idea of the RX chocolate cookies, that topped it off!
No mini cookie Free Samples?
I don't know what you diagnosis is? It may require more than a few cookies to alleviate the symptoms? laughing laughing
Oct 16th 2013 new
Im going out as Whitey Bulger this year mischievous
Oct 16th 2013 new
My beautiful red satin cape with an attached hood has served well will a smocked front dress, hand basket, and hair bow. I was little red riding hood! Of course the cape worked well with a sparkly top, tights, & skirt with a long red tail and a horned headband. The DEVIL made me do that! Those were my easiest! One year tho my ex (6'6") and I were the Jolly Green Giant and Sprout! Thanks to dyed long johns, silky leaves sewn onto them! Came out really good! Because I sew, my kids always had fun costumes too! I am now doing that for my grand kids!
Oct 16th 2013 new
I went out as Elvis once.
Oct 16th 2013 new
I once saved a heap pile of gallon milk jugs. Cut them up and using duck tape and silver spray paint i attempted to build a knight in shining armor.....looked pretty bad. With a few modifications it became the Tin Man. The wife went as Dorothy.
Oct 16th 2013 new
I've been a medieval princess, a bride, a witch, a sorceress, a Gibson girl, a Flapper, and when the kids were little my sister and I and all the kids were cave people :-), that one was actually a lot of fun and fairly cheap. We got a ton of leopard print fabric and just tied it on, then teased out our hair and tied little dog bones in our hair. Josh was the only boy so he got the club and the girls all looked like us. We had a blast doing it and even more fun trick or treating as the whole cave family. I went as Pete one year lol.
Oct 16th 2013 new
Hi jerry one of my favorite CMers', theheart theheart theheart theheart
I have gone as an Indian in full feather garb and suede dress (that was way too short!) I have also gone as a prisoner; striped outfit, ball and chain around my ankle and I even blacked out some of my teeth. My friends and I decided to make it a theme at work. That was a blast.
Oct 16th 2013 new
I don't do Hallowe'en at all, so don't come begging candy from my doorstep--I won't answer.
When I was 7 or 8, I had to be made up as a butterfly and give out candy to kids who came to the restaurant my mom worked at. And then, at age 20, I attended a co-worker's party dressed as Santa Claus. That's been it.
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