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Oct 14th 2013 new
praying...............working with others is trying and you are doing a very important job
Oct 14th 2013 new
rosary Praying rosary
Oct 14th 2013 new
It may be very hard to do, but I think a sit down with the coteacher is in order. Ask her , to avoid confusion, to help you set up a list of annual,monthly , weekly and daily things that have to be done, and then split the chores up. It may be awkward, but without this conversation, things can only get worse. I have been in a coteaching situation, but I was very lucky to be part of a true team where we decided things together and divided up the work. Good luck
Oct 14th 2013 new
As difficult as it may be to do, it sounds like you re being treated like a human doormat at this job, and it is time to assert yourself and have it out, or quietly find another job, and leave. Obviously, things cannot keep going like they are. And nothing will change unless you either force your co-worker to start carrying her weight, or control what you can, and that's find something more reasonable. Blessings to you with this task.
Oct 14th 2013 new
(quote) Grace-388301 said: I need prayers for myself. I am just having a rough time at work. On several occassions I have wanted to quit my current job which is a Special Education Teacher. I love the students at my school, but the people that I work with are not treating me with respect and I can never talk to my boss about things. This week I got yelled at by my co-teacher for me not doing the work that she was supposed to do. I almost got put in a headlock by a student. And another co-worker of mine asked me if I was going to be at a meeting on Friday and I said yes. As the certified teacher I have to make sure that everything is together and that everything is spelled right. I also have to be at the meetings. I have been doing that but my co-worker/co-teacher is just dumping all of her work on me and I have six IEPs myself to do. I am just overwhelmed and I can't handle all of the stress and I know that nothing is going to get done with my bosses because they take the other person's side all of the time and they do not set a good example. I am lost at what to do and could use your prayers. I am also having a rough patch with my friends that I think that are my friends but they never do anything with me. Oh well.

:hug: Lots of prayers coming your way.

I had a similar problem at a job about 10 years ago. My boss wanted to get me fired, because I was being paid out of overhead. If I was gone, it would look like he was saving a ton of profit for the company (even though I did the work of about 3 people, and actually made the company money). He'd give me taskings, but leave out important details. When I finished the project, it wouldn't be acceptable for implementation because of those missing details, and I looked like an idiot. He was also constantly threatening to fire me, and would remind me that it would ruin my life (I was about 21 at the time, going to school full time, and already working full time in my field to get ahead. Losing that job would have meant financial ruin and a ruined career before i even graduated, or so I thought).

So I kept a notebook. Whenever he said, "Mel, do this." I would write down the time and exactly what he said. I saved all his emails. During meetings, I took copious notes on what he said, how I responded, who was there, etc. Any time my boss would assign me something, then get mad at me for not doing his work (happened often), or change the details, I would say "Oh my goodness. Well, according to my notes, you told me to do XYZ on Monday, 13 October at 2pm. Sally and Roger were there in the meeting. Did I misunderstand something again?" It also started a really good factual timeline for when I made an official complain to Human Resources (which was difficult because we WERE Human Resources).

Concurrently, start looking for another job. And after you've given your notice, when they ask you why you're leaving, don't hold back. And pray for them.
Oct 14th 2013 new
Hi Grace, I'm sorry to hear that, I'll keep you in my daily prayer. I was in several situations that made me sad and disappointed at work, and I wanted to change job so much. But before doing that, I'm always in silent and keep on praying to God saying I can't stand any more and asking God guide me. You need His guidance, whether giving up or having a discussion with team before giving up and for finding a good place for new job. You will absolutely find peace in your mind, and things will work out really fine that you never think of.
Oct 14th 2013 new
I will pray for you. I myself am a special education teacher, and I understand your stress!
Oct 14th 2013 new
Praying rose
Oct 14th 2013 new
Hugs and Prayers Grace!!
Oct 14th 2013 new teachers we are suffering everywhere. You have my love and prayers
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