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Oct 14th 2013 new
(quote) Susan-857876 said: smile................hmmmmmmmm.................I've majored in the school of hard knocks........sigh
Te school of hard knocks you can't sleep your way thru. You have to be awake for it to sink in.
Oct 14th 2013 new
(quote) Joan-529855 said: CM men seem to prefer the less educated woman, or the "naive" looking, less mature woman. 


This remark was unnecessary and uncalled for.

Do you think it would be asking too much to say something positive to a young woman who has just joined the site and is interested in meeting a young man?

Oct 14th 2013 new
There are no rules. Keep your expectations low.
You do what seems best to you and maybe someone else does his best and it works out. Or not.
Oct 14th 2013 new

"Dont believe anything you hear and only half of what you see" So many people give an opinion without foundation.

I have 9 daughters and everyone of them graduated from College. In addition some teach at the University of Minnesota. I for one have the hightest respect to women who have reached out to get what was available to them Bravo!

Having said that I aplaude the educated woman because she does not shoot from the hip, rather makes an informed and shall I say intelligent response.

If you wish to review your Bio, I placed a message on a site called "Hughly Detailed or short and mysterious. You might get a few ideas.

God love and I wish you all the joy and happiness you seek


Oct 14th 2013 new
With time here one comes to observe that short profiles indicate greater possibility that the person is not a paid member. Yours isn't so short that I would assume for sure you aren't paid, but it's not long enough to assume that you aren't, either. [of course, one could search for you in the forums, but very few members even know they're here, etc, etc].

Clearly, you face a unique uphill struggle given that you seem to be living on a small island in the Caribbean for the next couple of years. I would never recommend that a guy attempt to initiate correspondence with an emote. Messages are always and everywhere better, not to mention more likely to be successful. However, your situation is sufficiently unique that I can't say I begrudge a guy sending an emote just to sort of figure out if there's any potential you would be willing to face the geographic challenges (temporary though they be). So in short, send back an emote for an emote. Maybe then you'll get a message. Ignore the views with no follow up, but also know that the number thereof is going to fall precipitously in short order (unless you continuously upload new pictures). The influx is a 'sign up bonus' one might say - an artifact of having your profile show up on the log in screens among the new members.
Oct 14th 2013 new
A friend here on CM told me that We should have a Faith in Strong God, and in this case I belive patience means Faith. We should have patience and wait for miracle or plan God will make for us in everything. What we have today is not what we can achieve by ourselves, but those are what God gives and there will be a reason for His gifts (a look, education, living place, work place...). So I believe it's just not the right time God's plan will happen for what you are or I am expecting now, and it's not because of the things we have right now are the reasons causing troubles for us to find an ideal match. So Christina, again be happy, be patience and trust in Him, His plan works in different way that we could expect. Love :-). You're still so young.
Oct 14th 2013 new
I was the same way when I first joined and probably still am. I paid good money for this site and have still have yet to meet someone face to face. Like they say, Rome wasn't built in a day.

I'm not a big fan of emotes. If I see someone I like or something cool I will send a personal message.
Oct 14th 2013 new
Thank you all so much for your responses, it has definitely been very helpful and given me a lot of insight into an area of dating I am new to :) I will be patient and trust in God that if I am meant to meet someone on here it will happen.

God Bless and Thank You

Oct 14th 2013 new
(quote) Joan-529855 said: Christina, great profile, especially the brief introduction which leaves an opportunity for further inquiries. The only "issue' that might be keeping the suitors away is your aspiration to be a vet. From what I have seen here on CM, well educated women do not do well; CM men seem to prefer the less educated woman, or the "naive" looking, less mature woman.

Good luck on your studies; your mother must be very proud!!
Joan, I must object! Your comment about well-educated women here seems a bit bitter, and not consistent with the spirit we all need here!

My ex was/IS a very intelligent woman, and I ALWAYS appreciated, embraced, and respected that about her, and God willing a future mate will be as well - but if not, well that's fine too, as long as she is a good Soul, and loves God.

Christina, Welcome to CM! Patience first, and trust God... he may still be leading your guy to CM or someplace else to meet you. Contrary to the other comments about successes here, I've been encouraged by the ones that do occur more than those that don't... and I know of one seeming about to burst into bloom even now! And I personally feel that God has granted me my own glimpse (she offered me a cuppa Joe :) of what He plans for me.

Lastly, I agree that responding to emotes is a good thing. Perhaps just saying "thanks for (whatever)" and follow with a question if you're interested. And I think it's perfectly okay to initiate a contact. There are a LOT of folks on CM, and you may see/notice some fellow who just hasn't 'seen' you yet - but you may be just the one he's looking for.

You have my prayers, respect, and Best Wishes!. Study hard - true to your Faith and your Heart. rose
Oct 14th 2013 new
(quote) Christina-1018729 said: I'm not sure if this is the right forum but here goes. I am new to the site and I have a full account. I've already had a number of men view my profile, and some either send emoticons or answer my interview questions, but I still haven't gotten a single message from anyone. I know I've only been a member for a few days, but I just want to prepare myself if this is normally how guys work on this site. The emoticons are fine, but for the most part I believe the woman is meant to be pursued. So it is confusing to me as to why, so far at least, none of the guys seem to be confident enough to really reach out with a full message. I have even tried making first contact with two members whose profiles I found really intriguing, but haven't gotten a reply even though the site says both members have since viewed my profile and were curretly online at some point today. I am trying to remind myself that not everyone has a full acount so I guess they wouldn't be able to reply by message, or of course they may simply be uninterested . I'm pretty new to the whole online thing, so like I said before I'm just trying to determine what my expectations should be on how guys act in an online setting.

If anyone has advice, comments, or has personal experience with this anything would be appreciated. Thanks :)

I would definitely want to correspond with you if you were closer to me in age.
My niece, my oldest brothers daughter who is in the San Antonio area is about your age.
Good Luck,
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