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Discussion related to living as a Catholic in the single state of life. As long as a topic is being discussed from the perspective of a single Catholic then it will be on-topic.

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Patron Saints?

Oct 20th 2013 new
Does anyone entrust their relationship (or even a potential relationship) to a patron saint? Which saint(s) would you choose?
Oct 20th 2013 new
scratchchin I've never quite thought about it that way, but I like the concept. I have a deep connection to St. Anthony, so he's the on I call on in this regard. Also St. Philomena. St. Thomas More. St. Kateri. And soon to be official St. John Paul II. St. Raphael is the patron of happy meetings and this website. Also St. Ann and St. Joseph are good powerhouses to call in.
Oct 20th 2013 new
St. Maximilian Kolbe - martyr of LOVE! lovestruck!
Oct 21st 2013 new
I started praying to St. Jude for a husband 35 years ago, he is the patron of desperate causes, at this stage of my life (never married ) I actually find it humorous. I may have to say a Hail Mary and think only good thoughts because Kristen's photo of the Wicked Witch is as scary as it was when I was a child-does anyone have a pail of water handy?
Oct 21st 2013 new
St Anthony - but most often, I call on my Guardian Angel (and I actually know his name! EWTN encouraged this, also, during a homily several weeks ago!) Blessed Mother and the Holy Spirit
Oct 21st 2013 new
(quote) Laura-997821 said: St Anthony - but most often, I call on my Guardian Angel (and I actually know his name! EWTN encouraged this, also, during a homily several weeks ago!) Blessed Mother and the Holy Spirit
The homilies delivered on the EWTN televised Masses are statements by an individual priest, not EWTN.

What, precisely, was it the priest on EWTN encouraged?

Oct 21st 2013 new
I pray to St. Rita (the patron saint of marriage) for my future spouse as well as St. Raphael :-)
Oct 21st 2013 new
Sorry - during the 0700 Mass on EWTN radio a while ago- and usually the Priests that say Mass are the "EWTN" Priests that live there.
If you have any concerns - talk to them - I followed what he said and I am pleased I did.
(oh, in case you are curious - pray about it - it is always worth while)
Praying wave
Oct 22nd 2013 new
There are apparently strong arguments against the particular devotional practice of naming one's guardian angel. I know little of Dr. Marshall, but his citation is to an official Vatican document.

Oct 22nd 2013 new
he he he; I'm glad you're interested, Jerry. I've visited several times to that chapel and gone to confession at EWTN and there are "regulars" that do Mass there. I also attend daily Mass here, but then listen to Mass on the radio on my way to work. You learn the voices.
Ok, what he said during the homily on The Feast of the Angels - 2 October of this year was; when he was a young priest his Spiritual adviser - another Priest and I can not remember his name - asked him if he knew the name of his Guardian Angel. Father said "no" and was quite taken aback by the question. His S.A then said, basically, "shame on you, the Lord placed an Angel at your side from your conception and you should know what the name is and address the Angel for help, advice, leadership." and the way was to pray first, to the Holy Spirit and then open your Bible and begin to read. You will find it. Well; I had found out about 20 years ago when I was under great duress and praying - I always talk out loud to the saints, angels and the Lord - and, while crying, I said "Oh, Guardian Angel, I don't even know your name and I always cry on your shoulder" At that moment a name came to me and I thought "hahahaha, how silly you are, Laura". Soon after that, I was reading my Bible and BAM!!! there is the name that I heard in my mind. Soooooah - I know what Father said is TRUE! And our Angels are there, all the time. Say "Hello" when you are at Mass or in a crowded place - there is an Angel for each person. When there is a tense moment or something going on - I call on ALL the Angels of all the people in the room or area, to assist.
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