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Nov 9th 2013 new
I also like Coldwater Creek, but only when they send coupons and have big sales!!
Nov 10th 2013 new
(quote) Elizabeth-726465 said: : Great question! I love Nordstrom's. they have thee best clothes. I also love Costco as their wine and fish selection is awesome. Last but not least is Whole Foods. Great healthy food that surrounds me, Yippee! I am in heaven. Now if I could shop at all three stores whenever I wished....sigh...
I love Nordstrom's to.Not so much for their clothes, although I shop there once in a while. I love them because I have made a small fortune buying their stock years ago.

My wife was a the Nordstrom's shopper in the family. She used to drive me nuts telling me to buy their stock.We used to go to downtown Seattle every Saturday, have brunch in a restaurant in the Pike POlacve Market. Then we would make the tour of the Department stores.

I wasn't interested in Nordy's so sh would go there and I would go to the book Department at Frederick and Nelson's. Loved to play hide and seek with the store detectives.. Used to drive them nuts by picking up and book, holding it in my hand behind my back. I made sure that they never saw my back.Then I would wonder all around, make like I was leaving, then went back and put it back on the shelf. Sometimes I would even buy.

But I digress. One Christmas season, I agreed to meet Mary at the bottom of the escalator at Nordy's in 2 hours. I went to Frederick's and played my usual game in the book department after I bought something for my wife for Christmas. I finally got boared and went to Nordy's about 15 minutes early. I stood at near the escalators, just killing time, not paying much atte3ntionj to what was going on around me.

All of a sudden it struck me that I was watching an absolutely packed escalator, both the one going up and the one coming down. The women ranging in age from tots to barely able to stand old women were packed solid on every step. I stood there stunned.

On Monday I called the broker and bought and have held the stock ever since, although I sold half my hioldings twice after the stock split. There have been two more splits since, but never sold another share after that second split. I now collect more in dividends each year than the original shares cost me.

Love Costco too (especially their, Red Velvet cakes and Pumpkin pies. Made good money on that stock too.

Barnes and Noble is another favorite. Thank God I never bought their stock.
Nov 10th 2013 new
Barnes and Noble, Costco and LLBean Outlet stores. Barnes and Noble have some great bargain priced books, Costco, during lunch, used do that a lot with my girls when they were younger, and LL Bean Outlets always have some great deals.
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