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Saint Jude is the patron saint of lost causes and desperate situations.
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Oct 28th 2013 new
There isn't much more I can add - you've received great advice, a few questions to ponder, and more than one person has indicated that they've felt that same way at one time or another. Take one day at a time. Perhaps speak to a priest or a spiritual advisor - someone qualified to really help you. I'm so glad you posted this thread - just the fact that you came to us for prayers and support says you Do still see the value in the power of prayer from your fellow CMers. You are NOT alone - ever.
Prayers ascending Praying , and here's a hug too! hug hug
Oct 28th 2013 new

I got chills reading your post and tears as well. Such a beautiful testament to the love and beauty of God. Hugs!!
Oct 28th 2013 new
your experience in not abnormal. It sounds like you are experiencing some spiritual dryness and sterility. In John K. Ryan's translation of St. Frances De Sales's Introduction to the Devout Life it is written, "...As long as consolations continue, do as I have just now directed you to do, dearest Philothea. This fine, pleasant weather will not always last. Sometimes you will find yourself deprived and destitute of all feelings of devotion and your soul will seem like barren, sterile desert where there is no path or road leading to God, nor any water of grace to refresh you because of the aridity that now seems to threaten it with complete and absolute desolation."
St. Frances goes on to talk about what to do when this happens. I suggest you get the book and read Chapter 14 of the Fourth Part. There are five 'Parts' to the whole book. And then read the whole book!:)
Another recommendation is Father Timothy Gallagher's "Living the Discerning Life: The Spiritual Teaching of St. Ignatius of Loyola." You can get it on E.W.T.N.'s website for $30.(
Swaroop, don't despair!!! This may be a painful time for you but don't think that you are the only one!

Oct 28th 2013 new
hug Praying theheart
Oct 28th 2013 new
(quote) Lauren-927923 said:
In the barren times, it is not the time to cut bait and run, it is the time to cling more deeply and even be more open to seeking His guidance in sometimes the most unexpected places of ways.
I highlighted these words because they are wise. Blessings and prayers on your journey.
Oct 28th 2013 new
Many of us have been through a crisis of faith.

It is not realistic to think that we can maintain the high level of enthusiasm for our faith that we have as new converts, just as it's not realistic to expect the thrill of "romance" to last beyond the first few years of marriage. Both of these emotional "highs" will, in time, be replaced with a deeper connection (to God or to the beloved).

You know, intellectually, that the Church is the true way. We can follow it, even on days when our hearts aren't in it, because we KNOW it's right. Let that be enough for you for now.

Peace and prayers for you!
Oct 28th 2013 new
Thankyou Lauren. I like so many other people have been thru a lot of pain and suffering thru my life and two things I now understand is that this is not our home heaven is and our purpose in life is to get to heaven and take as many people with us. I still get discouraged sometimes but when I focus on Jesus everything comes back together and makes sense again. I am most peaceful and joyful when I place my trust in Jesus no matter my circumstance. I am a stubborn person so sometimes I want to do things my way but I know Gods ways are always so much bigger and more amazing than anything I could ever dream. Peace to you and yours:)
Oct 28th 2013 new
Thanks Molly. The lives of the Saints are powerful. I frequently read about their lives at adoration. One thing I wanted to know is how could Mother Teresa work with sick and dying people almost 24/7 and I had such a hard time emotionally being with my dad because it was so hard to watch him suffer. Her answer I found was adoration it gave her the strength to do her work.Sometimes people would complain to Mother Teresa that she was praying and not helping the sick but she would tell them without spending an hr in adoration everyday she could not do what she did. Adoration as often as possible has also healed me, saved me and allowed Jesus to work thru me without him I am lost. I love Jesus more than anything and adoration is such a gift to strengthen our faith. Peace, Elizabeth
Oct 28th 2013 new
I will pray for you and offer my Mass for you today Praying
Oct 28th 2013 new
Lauren I am sorry for the loss of your husband. One thing I know is Jesus is close to those that mourn the lost of a loved one even though we may not always feel it. I will pray for you that you have peace and comfort. Senidng you my best wishes and a big hug back:)
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