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Oct 31st 2013 new
(quote) Jim-13836 said: God willing, I'll be there. If you need anyone to help you with the leftover candy this year, I could help. It would be my good deed for the whole month!
I'm sorry if I put you on the spot. Chocolate will do that to me. Just joking around.
Oct 31st 2013 new
so far not many kids and still a bowl of candy sitting here.......also a street party which my autistic son will show up soon to attend.......later gators.........
Oct 31st 2013 new
My family has stopped passing out candy many years ago. We don't really celebrate Halloween anymore.
Oct 31st 2013 new
(quote) James-17080 said: Hi Bernadette et alia,

It's funny you should ask. In all the years I've lived here, there has been not one single trick-or-treater. Decades ago, someone here implied that they came before I moved in.

Word must have got around quick to avoid the build with the young, but very grumpy man in one of the suites.


James ☺
Nov 1st 2013 new
(quote) Julie-42315 said: Yes, usually. Before I leave for work, the last few years I've left a bowl of candy on the porch hoping the monsters will be honest. One year the weather was bad and there were actually 3 Reese's Peanut Butter cups left in the bowl. I think they were honest that year. Other times, I've come home to an empty bowl, a few discarded wrappers, a small mess. One year some little devil stole my ceramic pumpkin.

Sometimes the really young kids come first with their parents and that's fine with me. I think the parents (I hope) will tell them to be honest and only take one or two pieces of candy.

I think the little boy next door is playing a trick on me. Lately, I've been finding a rubber mouse right next to my mailbox. I thought it was plastic at first, when I picked it up and it felt rubbery - it made me go - EEEK!

So I left out a big bowl with good candy in it - Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Kit Kats. I left a sign - "One Treat Per Monster" "Happy Halloween!" The bowl was left on a patio chair on the porch with the rubber mouse taped to the arm of the chair (as a joke). I left a second bowl with little Dum Dum Lollipops on a second chair.

I come home late last night and find only 3 Dum Dums left, the big bowl almost completely full and the rubber mouse is missing!

wide eyed Either the mouse scared too many away and they went for the other bowl. Strange. Now I better bring all the leftover candy into work.
Nov 1st 2013 new
Had quite a few kids. All different ages. Treats for all, even the parents.
Nov 1st 2013 new
Halloween is fun in our neighbor hood. We always have a party and my children's friends find such joy in handing out candy to the little ones. We can see 300-500 trick or treaters in about 3 hours. There are times we have had to recycle the yucky candy they bring home. LOL
Nov 2nd 2013 new
I drive a school bus when i am not running my own business. I pass out candy! For some of my kids, it is the only treat they get on Halloween
Nov 2nd 2013 new
I often disappear this week so that I don't have to deal with that sort of thing. I always take off All Saints' Day, and stretching it into a week is usually convenient. This year I had three stops to make far, far away from home, so I patched that into an extended drive. On October 31 this year I was passing through Somerset, Ohio, where I saw what looked like every child in town being escorted around. Volunteer firefighters were directing traffic. None of the children stepped in front of my car and pounded on the windows asking for any treats as I passed, which was a relief as I had not made provision for such a thing.
Nov 2nd 2013 new
(quote) Peter-449116 said: Sure enough it's only 7:30PM and it's starting to rain. Stuck again with piles of candy.
Minnesota kids must be heartier than Maryland kids... it was raining here, almost cold enough to snow, and still I had over 60 kids! Only a few leftovers for me...
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