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Discussion related to living as a Catholic in the single state of life. As long as a topic is being discussed from the perspective of a single Catholic then it will be on-topic.

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Nov 2nd 2013 new
My friends are telling me the same thing!
Nov 2nd 2013 new
(quote) Michelle-860764 said: She thinks I am being too picky to consider only Catholic men. She doesn't think I will EVER find a Catholic Match. What do you think?
I know of two CM marriages, where the woman became the man's RCIA sponsor before they married in the Church. I know that one couple met here. He specifically came to this site to find a Catholic wife, and he found a strong Catholic woman who eventually became his RCIA sponsor. He already had the yearning in his heart to become a Catholic, and he was of the Traditional persuasion (if I remember). In the case of the second couple, I think that they met in real life, but both were CM members at one time (she before him). I think that they must have met when she was an RCIA instructor, and he was in the class. I have always been inspired by both of these "success stories". heart

I would be open to dating a non-Catholic, and would also be open to attending RCIA classes with him so that he could convert. I figure that it would be a great refresher course for me! biggrin
Nov 2nd 2013 new
(quote) Ligia-844786 said: My friends are telling me the same thing!

Ne permittas me separari a te theheart
Nov 2nd 2013 new
The danger in dating protestants, is that a lot of them are determined to resist the Church at whatever the cost. The result is that they will then resist you whenever you try to introduce them to Catholicism. Sure many seem like good people and probably are, but the rift will be too much.
Nov 3rd 2013 new
(quote) Michelle-860764 said: Thank you eveyone, for your replies. I'm still not sure what to do, however, I AM going to have my daughter read this thread as she is Catholic. Her father isn't and never was. Hope to get more input!

Thanks again, it is very informative.
Tell your daughter that you won the Miss America Title 2013 and you can date whoever you want!!!!!
Nov 3rd 2013 new
(quote) Jerry-74383 said: Yes, and some of them are very devout wiccans,, Satanists, etc. Being very devoted to a faith that is in error may be worse than being apathetic/agnostic since you first have to overcome some/most/all of the old beliefs before building the new.

Yes, and some women are very devoted to Pro-choice.

Wish I could find a free-to-marry woman who's as good a person as the very devout Southern Baptist and United Methodist I dated. I remember well the conversations we used to have about living a strong Christian life. You have me re-living a date w/ the United Methodist where a restaurant had a double-decker London bus where the upper level was for two. Then didn't realize how good she was.
Nov 3rd 2013 new
(quote) Jim-397948 said: Tell your daughter that you won the Miss America Title 2013 and you can date whoever you want!!!!!
I'm no Miss America, I've never had this much trouble trying to meet someone though. I've never been with a Catholic in any of my three marriages. So the point is, ARE ALL CATHOLICS too picky? I heard yesterday there is someone for everyone......coming from a very GOOD Protestant woman I know. Maybe she can fix me up with one of her friends.
Nov 3rd 2013 new
my feelings are leaning toward catholic.....I haven't dated in such
a long time but wasn't studying carefully like now, twenty years ago
Nov 3rd 2013 new
>If the Church feels that marrying a Catholic spouse is important enough to require special approval in other circumstances, t would certainly be prudent for us to heed this advice rather than dismissing it because it isn't an absolute requirement. We can focus our efforts on looking for a Catholic potential spouse while not ignoring a non-Catholic if God sends such a person our way (after discerning they were dispatched by God and not other spirits with less benevolent intent).

The Church disapproves of all mixed marriages, even those she allows under certain circumstances. Although a Catholic in a mixed marriage is obliged to work towards the conversion of the unmarried spouse, marriage is hardly considered a tool for conversion; the threat to the faith of any children is far too great to be expose them to such a precarious position.

The Church's position alone should be sufficient warning for those considering marrying a non-Catholic.
Nov 3rd 2013 new
I know a man who became a Catholic Priest after marrying his wife. I think it took him like 14 years to convert, when he did......he was ALL IN....if you know what I mean. biggrin theheart
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