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Nov 4th 2013 new
(quote) Mick-929473 said: These are private revelations the validity of which was discerned by Monsignor Esseff who, among other things, was the spiritual director of Mother Theresa and was himself directed by Padre Pio.
None of which, in themselves, qualifies the Monsignore to judge the validity of any supposed private revelation and pronounce it worthy of attention by the faithful.

To emphasis the point, I will point out that another priest who was very close to Mother Theresa turned out to be a sex abuser.

As Jerry pointed out, until a BIshop, who has appointed an investigatory body to study the issue and has, as result, reached some positive conclusions and said so publicly, any purported private revelation should be approached with great caution by a lay person.

Even then, one should still be cautious unless and until Rome investigates and pronounces it worthy.

Nov 4th 2013 new
(quote) Mick-929473 said: These are personal revelations and don't fall into the category you are describing. They are very Catholic in there tone and I have been inspired by them. One example is when Mary described the conversations Jesus an her had when Jesus was growing up.
That in itself would, to me, render them highly suspect.

If for no other reason, there is no easily dicernible reason for heaven to disclose the contents of any conversations between Jesus and His mnother when he was growing up.
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