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This room is dedicated to those who are facing the challenge of raising children without the support of a spouse. This is a place to share ideas and lend mutual support.

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Nov 10th 2013 new
I also work in a low income where many of the students have emotional problems. This is something I also think about on a daily basis now. It would be very easy for a person with bad intentions to enter my building, even though we are gated in. Those gates aren't that tall and often I find them unlocked when they should be locked. Many classroom teachers don't lock their doors even though it is required. hey, do I feel safe there, no way!

my 7 yr. old nephew has a fear of someone taking him. I will give the recent example. I had left my mother and niece and two nephews in the car while I ran into a store to buy one item. when I returned, I saw they all had their doors opened except for one. later, my mom told me that Connor started to cry after she opened her door to let the cool air in. He begged everyone to close their doors because he was afraid someone would take him. ( I had left the keys on the dashboard so they could come in if they got too hot. since they didn't I thought they were all okay). so sad for a child to feel that way.
Nov 10th 2013 new
William and Connie, thank you both for your thoughtful responses. Running through the security plan with my son seemed to make him feel like I was taking his concerns seriously and addressing them directly. He seems to feel better.

Nov 11th 2013 new
Glad to help you out Sam, also it would not hurt to know your surroundings while at school. If you feel you being watch or followed the school resource office can assist. Also, just making sure you have every stone tuned over, you might want to get your permit, it will give you good piece of mind for you. I do not how bad it where you teach, but just making sure all the variables have been addressed.
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