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Discussion related to living as a Catholic in the single state of life. As long as a topic is being discussed from the perspective of a single Catholic then it will be on-topic.

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Nov 17th 2013 new
I would have to agree with FB page is in agreement with what my profile states on this site.
Nov 17th 2013 new
(quote) Rob-362135 said: As someone who is blessed to have Dawn as a great friend, I can totally confirm that I know the REAL Dawn from the enumerable times I've had the pleasure to spend time with her at many events in Indy, Cinci or our "Halfway Ole" dinners

I see her on CM and on FB and her profile/presence on these websites are extremely close to the amazing person that I know she truly is.

Thanks for your friendship Dawn, I love you See you at the CM Indy Christmas party on December 14th (everyone's invited, so check out the events page and sign up if you can make it).
embarassed Thanks, Rob. hug I am blessed by your friendship. You are a generous, loving, and Christ-like man. Plus, you are fun! See you soon!
Nov 17th 2013 new
I have to clarify something: I was not criticizing those who criticize Obama. I was referring to how the use of Freudian terms such as "negative" to smear people who have the courage to speak up about what is happening under obama. Now, in my opinion, there is a right way to do it and a wrong way to do it. Name calling and routine attacks, such as you here on mainstream talk radio, are an example(imho) of what Jerry is referring to. This is why people are tuning out talk radio; because it's Bush-cheerleaders who utter attacks and then will defend the republicrats at all costs.
Nov 17th 2013 new
My FB posts are mostly limited to phone-pics of random places and random whats-up-with-you-these-days messages from friends, plus the annual birthday posts. If one friend posts something to my Wall that is probably offensive to other friends, it gets deleted. So no, I don't have a double online life.

But how about this-what if your FB wall and your CM profile are both fakeouts? Or, as often happens, what if you have multiple alter egos on FB, not all of whom are of the same gender? I have friends like that...

Also, does anyone here still use Myspace? I just checked it out, and it looks completely different.

How about Bolt? Does anyone remember that? It was like FB without a Wall and with much less supposed connection to real life.
Nov 17th 2013 new
(quote) Greg-902815 said: because it's Bush-cheerleaders who utter attacks and then will defend the republicrats at all costs.
There's miore than enough of it on both sides of the fence to go around.

Which brings me to pet peeve #2: the objective needs to be finding the solutions to the problems, not defending (or attacking) one side or the other.
Nov 17th 2013 new
Susan, I guess this is a good wake up call. There really could be more make believe people on sites than some us, namely me, ever think about.
Nov 17th 2013 new
Facebook was instrumental in destroying my marriage. Needless to say, I don't like Facebook.
Nov 18th 2013 new
You guys are inspiring! I had no idea that people were connecting off the CM site. How cool is that?

I'm so glad I posted this-not only for the perspectives on the subject, but on finding out about your friendships. It's really, truly, wonderful to see. Thank you for sharing this!
Nov 18th 2013 new
I'm pretty much the same on fb, if there are doubts look it up :)
Nov 18th 2013 new
Me too I have more dancing and goup activity pictures there but that's about the only difference.
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