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Nov 20th 2013 new
(quote) John-132457 said: Great minds, Jerry....
I've long fantasized that if I were to win the Powerball, I'd like to start a foundation to preserve old Church structures here in our beleaguered city. Such that no parish would ever be forced to close solely for financial reasons, and so that even in closed parishes, buildings would never fall into unrecoverable disrepair or be used for a truly inappropriate purpose.

I'd kinda like to relive my early 20s too. But, that's another story.
Buffalo has some amazing churches.The Basilica certainly ranks up there.--When you go down to Father Bakers quarters you can feel the spirit of St John Vianney.
Nov 21st 2013 new
All great and unselfish replies!! I too, think if I won powerball, I would definitely make sure the Churches, all the charities, and the school attached to my Church would get everything they needed and more !
Nov 21st 2013 new
  • I would want to publish a book that would take the world by storm and share the profit with other widows/widowers, take art classes, learn to make stained glass windows, have a maid and not have to work. I would also want to put my kids in the college of their dreams. (Though they both are working hard at getting scholarships for this.)
Nov 21st 2013 new
Someone to love who would love me back (and I don't mean pets or children!).
Nov 21st 2013 new
"Someone male and human to love under the aegis of the sacrament of matrimony" in case God has a sense of humour ....
Nov 21st 2013 new
1. retirement [for me] to work on getting to heaven with as many folks along with me
2. multilevel treatment centre to be associated with our covenant house for homeless youth
3. proper treatment for my 2 with mental challenges plus as many others as possible
Nov 21st 2013 new
(quote) Roystan-340472 said: "Someone male and human to love under the aegis of the sacrament of matrimony" in case God has a sense of humour ....
Oh, God has a wonderful sense of humor if we are open to it, also, to his wisdom angel
Nov 21st 2013 new
Not sure too much stuff comes to mind. Getting rid of my house would probably be top of the list.
Nov 21st 2013 new
"Male and human to love" is not enough. Been there and done that several times in the last few years.
The trick is, he has to love me back.
Nov 21st 2013 new
The capability of writing full time!
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