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Nov 21st 2013 new

To facilitate/establish a "*Nanny Hugging" Foundation to provide for the transportation of , a midday meal for, and nominal "gratuity" for the "nannies" in a Fourth World orphanage that would appreciate/need such a program.

(*This type of program encourages needy/isolated elderly to commit to their nearest local orphanage to spend quality time daily/weekly to hug and play with the nursery aged children: toddlers/babies-giving them individual attention and opportunities for interaction on a long term basisand, of course, giving/receiving hugs!)

Nov 21st 2013 new
Wisdom. I have prayed for years for wisdom. I seem to have mostly made bad decisions and never know what to say or do in 'spur of the moment' circumstances. With wisdom, that would overlap into so many areas of life.
Nov 21st 2013 new
I will be where I am right now, where God wants me to be and make it the best moment of my life and try to love God with as best as I can.
Nov 21st 2013 new
Nanny Pop-ins , to provide an umbrella of love for the tiny shut-ins..........................................

And here's wishing you have a handsome Dick Van Dyke-type feller to help you achieve this foundation.
Nov 21st 2013 new
Do away with Obama Care... hehe...
Nov 21st 2013 new
(quote) Marge-938695 said: The trick is, he has to love me back.
How do intending the-ones make themselves needy for the other? There is the ballad of Lucy and Schroeder and the dead deaf guy who gets between them, where Lucy is needy for Schroeder but Schroeder is only needy for the dead deaf guy. Perhaps what is needed is someone who occasionally has a need to be let free to chase the Red Baron, secure in the knowledge that when the sun sets and it's too dark to fly, a foot will bang insistently on the front door and there will be the intending the-one with a bowl requiring your sustenance in his mouth.
Nov 21st 2013 new
  • Sorry, Gene, I know the topic states "no questions asked," but I am curious...What do you like to write about?
Nov 21st 2013 new
(quote) Genie-920495 said: Oh, God has a wonderful sense of humor if we are open to it, also, to his wisdom
You've opened up an interesting question. I know he has a sense of humour because he made me. But was he wise in doing so? If so, how?

So, there you go, Genie. On your next date, ask the fellow, "Was God wise in making you? How" And while he's thinking about it, you can have soup, main course, dessert and coffee.
Nov 21st 2013 new
Hmmm this is an interesting question.

1. Either my husband back as well, or perhaps more importantly a visit from him and understanding as to why he had to die the way he did and what am I supposed to be doing now?

2. The biggest Powerball in history -- I have pondered what I could do with money like that, all the people it could help. My family - especially my mom who sacrificed much in raising us, set up scholarships to help people not just go to school but attend the extra things like an eight week field school, set up a foundation that would see to scholarship and other needs, set up a clinic or help fund our small local hospital, of course give to the parish and the diocese, set up a foundation for Rig safety and that helps the families who have lost their loved one to the field or similar fields. and hope that God shows me what and where I am needed.

I see needs everywhere and I have been blessed in a painfully odd way by Pete's death and have been able to help with those needs as they arise in many cases, but there are much larger needs I can't help with yet. A powerball windfall like that could be invested to be virtually self-perpetuating and provide for the needs of many, many people for a very long time.

Nov 21st 2013 new
Bruddah, you've been sitting out in the pumpkin patch too long. rolling eyes
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