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Nov 29th 2013 new
I always notice how they carry themselves and treat others at first meeting
Nov 29th 2013 new
(quote) William-888220 said: Hello Everyone, just want to see if you believe in love at first sight? What in your minds constitutes a spark based on this first look? Is it their hair, their skin tone, or the way they carry themeselves? For me its their inner beauty they possess, that coupled with their outer features that makes me believe in love at first sight. Thus, it compels me to want to know all about them when that spark is struck, and never let it go out but to keep kindling that initial love.

Infatuation at first sight, yes. In some cases this will develop into true love.

Nov 29th 2013 new
Yes, I do. I can't help that I am a hopeless romantic.
Nov 29th 2013 new
Sorry, I didn't know I was in the young'ns room.
Nov 29th 2013 new
in the past, I was labelled 'leviticus woman'-

'everything' is a process for me
Nov 29th 2013 new
Attraction, spark, connection, intrigue, etc., yes.

Love, no. That takes work, commitment and time.
Nov 29th 2013 new
Dante fell in love with Beatrice at first sight.
Nov 29th 2013 new

Only if you use a very loose interpretation of the word LOVE....In other words, NO

Nov 29th 2013 new
(quote) Marge-938695 said: I don't believe in love at first sight.
I do believe, however, that sometimes we will meet someone and immediately there will be an awareness that somehow he or she will become important in our lives -- or we will become important in theirs.
But love, IMHO, has to be earned.
I think it's trust that has to be earned
I'm enough of a romantic to believe in love at first sight - have interviewed too many people after decades of marriage who say it happened to them :)
Nov 29th 2013 new
Romantic chemistry serves as a spark to want to get to know the other person better. And sometimes it does evolve into a mature love. But most of the times not.
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