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Nov 29th 2013 new
What people too old for this room know.
Nov 29th 2013 new
Simply, yes! I'm not a mother, but when I met my baby niece for the first time I loved her. Love isn't just an attraction :)
Nov 29th 2013 new
yes I'm certain that it happens all the time
Nov 29th 2013 new
Most people would probably agree with you, but love at first sight is a well-attested fact. I'll mention it again, because it's such a famous story. Dante Alighieri was 9 years old when he beheld Beatrice Portinari for the first time, and he was completely overwhelmed with love for her from that moment on. He saw Beatrice on only one other occasion, 9 years later, and yet in all the intervening time he never ceased to think about her and to love her. Here's Dante's description of that fateful first meeting from DG Rossetti's translation of La Vita Nuova:

"Nine times already since my birth had the heaven of light returned to the selfsame point almost, as concerns its own revolution, when first the glorious Lady of my mind was made manifest to mine eyes; even she who was called Beatrice by many who knew not wherefore. She had already been in this life for so long as that, within her time, the starry heaven had moved towards the Eastern quarter one of the twelve parts of a degree; so that she appeared to me at the beginning of her ninth year almost, and I saw her almost at the end of my ninth year. Her dress, on that day, was of a most noble colour, a subdued and goodly crimson, girdled and adorned in such sort as best suited with her very tender age. At that moment, I say most truly that the spirit of life, which hath its dwelling in the secretest chamber of the heart, began to tremble so violently that the least pulses of my body shook therewith; and in trembling it said these words: Ecce deus fortior me, qui veniens dominabitur mihi. At that moment the animate spirit, which dwelleth in the lofty chamber whither all the senses carry their perceptions, was filled with wonder, and speaking more especially unto the spirits of the eyes, said these words: Apparuit jam beatitudo vestra. At that moment the natural spirit, which dwelleth there where our nourishment is administered, began to weep, and in weeping said these words: Heu miser! quia frequenter impeditus ero deinceps. I say that, from that time forward, Love quite governed my soul; which was immediately espoused to him, and with so safe and undisputed a lordship (by virtue of strong imagination) that I had nothing left for it but to do all his bidding continually."

Nov 29th 2013 new
Can a creature model its Creator by loving someone at first sight? Wouldn't the Creator, for whom all things are possible, want someone to have this faculty so as to prove that Love is not a theoretical and conditional phenomenon? It's only an imaginative boy, it may be said by a worldly adult, but the child is the father of the man, adults must become like children to enter the kingdom, it is not the post-Fall decay that 'births' Love but love which decays into imperfection which has to be rescued, and it is the adult with all its prudential wisdom that is the decayed devolution from the natural innocence of the child. Was 9 year old Dante ever closer to God when he had his illumination about Beatrice? If not, it might have been Love at first sight.
Nov 29th 2013 new
(quote) Sam-427739 said: Attraction, spark, connection, intrigue, etc., yes.

Love, no. That takes work, commitment and time.
Work, commitment and time! shocked !
Yikes, that love stuff is hard.
Nov 29th 2013 new
(quote) Roystan-340472 said: Was 9 year old Dante ever closer to God when he had his illumination about Beatrice? If not, it might have been Love at first sight.
Beautifully expressed!
Nov 29th 2013 new
(quote) Kerry-1020795 said: He saw Beatrice on only one other occasion, 9 years later, and yet in all the intervening time he never ceased to think about her and to love her.
This, along with the subsequent portion of your reply, sound more like a persistent infatuation than love.

Nov 29th 2013 new
Well it is an obvious spark just from a eye to eye contact after having some time together. I feel that is what God does isn't it ? God can make planets collide right? It is that moment that you just know and it is mutual. It does happen, can happen and should happen. This does not mean that you just walk along and wham a random person.. but it is that moment when a friendship shifts, when an acquaintance changes, when conversation and sharing ignites the heart, mind , body and soul. We ar made to love and be loved. Isn't that Grand? Linda
Nov 29th 2013 new
(quote) William-888220 said: Hello Everyone, just want to see if you believe in love at first sight? What in your minds constitutes a spark based on this first look? Is it their hair, their skin tone, or the way they carry themeselves? For me its their inner beauty they possess, that coupled with their outer features that makes me believe in love at first sight. Thus, it compels me to want to know all about them when that spark is struck, and never let it go out but to keep kindling that initial love.
I think that I used to believe in love at first sight but now realize my senses were detecting physical beauty, which is still good, but not always love.
Now when I look at a 50 year old that I may be interested in courting, I don't get the same initial sensation that I used to get from a 25 year old woman.
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