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Dec 4th 2013 new
(quote) Saudhi-1021435 said: Adventure can vary from person to person. I like to be open to new Experiences and I always find myself having a blast and having the most enjoyable time ever.. Perfect example is when I went to Hawaii for the very first time, since I am an spontaneous person, my partner I had by that time, we both the same, one day, We found ourselves picking up some few items and heading to the airport for our excited trip to Hawaii, We had a Blast!! and not to mention about the little things that happen in my life every day with my family and friends, thats the most enjoyable joy my heart can ever feel
So, the word "Adventure" for me is "I try Not to say " No" to something that makes me Smile and makes me happy, just that simple! Life is too short, God give me the gift to live another day, so I enjoy it to the fullest by doing things that me happy, even the little things that life present each day, because, at the end, those little things are the ones that I treasure for lifeHave a Bless day All
very warm welcome Saudhi (what a beautiful name) to the fora smile wave rose rose rose
Dec 4th 2013 new
Fighting the SSPX.
Dec 4th 2013 new
(quote) Paul-866591 said: Every day is an adventure!
Fighting the SSPX?

(It's meant to be a response to Paul's post.)
Dec 4th 2013 new
Is her middle name 'Arabella'?
Dec 5th 2013 new
(quote) Kristen-878108 said:     Giving your best wave to every oncoming car so they wonder who you are (this works in the country - maybe wouldn't try this in a big city - little too much adventure ).

Kristen - You brought back some wonderful memories. When my youngest daughter was 16 I helped drive 2 carloads of teenagers to Denver for World Youth Day. Between Portland and Denver these girls amused themselves by waving enthusiastically at every truck driver we passed or who passed us. There were a lot of confused looking truck drivers. I should add the girls were perfectly behaved in other settings and the trip was a spiritual and social success.
Dec 5th 2013 new
(quote) Ann-69118 said: I'm more adventurous than some and less adventurous then many others I know in my adventure group. Rock climbing up a mountain holds no interest for me but I'll hike up the mountain if theres a way. I'll go tandam skydiving but now solo.

I would love to trek up to Victoria falls or hike the Eiger Trail in Europe those are my two dream trips. I'd love to do a scooner cruise where you learn to sail the ship. Sailing is one of those things I've always wanted to do but the weather never cooperates when I'm in a place I could do it. I live in land locked Missouri with only small rivers no decent sailing to be had. I could do lots of caving if the caves where open. Missouri has the second most number of caves in the country but they've all been mostly closed due to the whitenose epidemic killing off the bats.
Ann, you can SCUBA dive in those caves. I have dived in many of the caves in Florida and some in Mexico (cenotes, pronounced - sen OH tase). I have never hiked in Europe, but I am still hitting the trails in the US, having hiked three times over 9000 feet in the Rockies since July. I am strongly considering a move to Colorado or Idaho for peace, not adventure. I can find adventure anywhere.
Dec 5th 2013 new
Sometimes, it's an adventure just posting in the forums.
Dec 5th 2013 new
(quote) Lina-796057 said: Sometimes, it's an adventure just posting in the forums.
Lina, my thoughts exactly.
Dec 10th 2013 new
Thanks Genie!!! biggrin wave
Dec 10th 2013 new
(quote) Genie-920495 said: very warm welcome Saudhi (what a beautiful name) to the fora
Thanks Genie!!! biggrin wave wave wave
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