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Nov 30th 2013 new
I ponder so many things as I am a dreamer. But I often ponder, Heaven and purgatory, sometimes even...hell. I wonder what my loved ones are doing, and how they are doing and how wonderful Heaven must be! rose scratchchin eyebrow theheart
Nov 30th 2013 new
(quote) John-184825 said:

Do you often ponder questions in any academic discipline? If so, what questions in which discipline?

If you contemplate practical problems, your chatter about whatever matter is welcome unless it'll make us sadder or madder.

Worried that tomorrow is Sadderday,


Sure, I sometimes think about philosophical problems, such as the mind-body dualism, the problem of free will, and other such stuff. For instance, I decide to play this song on my iPod, and my hand moves to hit the play button. How exactly do immaterial thought and the material body intersect with each other, through what physical or biological mechanisms do thoughts become actions? Nobody really understands it, not even the scientists who study this stuff for a living. Consciousness is truly a puzzle.
Nov 30th 2013 new

Thanks, Larry.

My favorite paintings are those with pictures inside of them. (Bev Doolittle for example.)


Nov 30th 2013 new
(quote) Peter-449116 said: Funny you should ask:

For you the obvious follow-up questions are, "Have you been spending too much time in the Boredroom?" and, "Are you trying to become the Chairman of the Bored?".

Nov 30th 2013 new
(quote) ED-20630 said: I am pondering on a tight schedule... my latest engineering project for a client....

How to design a portable cell phone tower?....
> It has to telescope vertically from 9-1/2 feet to 80 feet (like a antenna on a portable radio).
> It has to lift 2500 pounds on the top of the pole.
> It has to be about 1 foot diameter (or 1 foot square) at the base.
> It has to be able to stop at any height and be secured in place.
> Ideally, it would be electric-powered to lift it from 9-1/2 feet to 80 feet.
> It has to be built for about $15,000. So far, one possible solution would cost about 10X that cost.
> It will have guy wires to keep it stable once it is raised.
> It has to stay in place for 1 week to 2 years.
> It has to be safely erected.
> It will be mounted on a large semi-truck or trailer.
> It has to be mass-produced at a few hundred per year.

I need a brilliant idea within a few days. This gave me something to think about as I was driving to/from Thanksgiving dinner yesterday.


I have preliminary questions.

1. Do the various sites to which and from which the portable structures with be moved require some preliminary work such as a flat secure foundation of concrete and, if so, will this be part of the cost?

2. How likely is it that once the portable unit is moved away from a given site that it (or a similar unit) will ever again be moved to the same site; this is, will site use almost always be one-time?

3. Can the supporting portion of the structure remain at a height of 80 feet (until the whole portable system is relocated) and have the antenna and the 2500 pounds of whatever "slide" up and down that supporting structure? If this can be done, you might be able to use counter-weights as is done with commercial elevators to make the lifting easier.

4. Does the antenna actually have to stop and be secured at every point (a continuum) or would the ability to stop only at a largest practicable increments, such as six inches, be acceptable?

Wondering about the relationship between lifting ideas and soaring thoughts, scratchchin


Nov 30th 2013 new
(quote) Katherine-865889 said: I sometimes sit wondering how many shades of green there are
If you be serene with the green, may Sir Greene show up on the scene and treat you like a queen.
Nov 30th 2013 new
(quote) Margaret-20183 said: While neither academic nor practical, I ponder the night sky. When I see the lights of planes far off in the distance I wonder about the people in them, what types of lives they lead and what they are doing at that moment (I think similarly when I am passing homes or communities when on a train or during a road trip in my car). The funny thing is that it never crosses my mind to wonder about from where they came or to where they are headed.

I love looking at taking a long brisk walk or reading something spiritually edifying I always feel renewed, and perhaps a bit wistful, afterwards. I must admire from a distance, though, because thinking about the individual planets and suns, especially about their enormity, makes me uncomfortable! I liked hearing the recent news about ISON (sounds like it may still be around) but seeing those in-your-face images of our sun was unnerving. I think it's God's way to remind me how fragile life is, and how grateful I should be for His mercy!
scratchchin So rather than the nice guy, or the knight guy your prefer the night sky? With you style of vertical gazing, do we have a problem here - except for those among us who are astronauts? Does your profile include the warning, "Flying by without flying high, won't cut it with me and you'll get just a, "Bye"?
Nov 30th 2013 new
(quote) Jim-397948 said: If Joe Jr, John, and Bobby lived to an old age
There are a lot of what-ifs about which to speculate in relation to the Brothers Kennedy. The Vietnam "War" is one of them.
Nov 30th 2013 new
(quote) Kathy-635104 said: When given the opportunity (aka time to let my mind wander), I think about nature and God's hand in it. Did He set it up to renew on it's own, like the circle of life, or does He sprinkle the frost in the morning and paint the sky at night? Does He take pleasure in his creations or is He more concerned about our reactions to it? Can an artist ever fully capture the essence and life in scenery or is that energy only afforded to the artist himself? When hunting, silently observing everything around me, I wonder what it would take to be the tree. Are the branches God's inspiration for antlers? How can there be so many variations of golds, browns, greens and blues? I wonder about light and shadow and how can I, just one little speck on this great big, beautiful earth, matter? If He knows how many hairs are on my head, does He keep up with the number that fall out? I wonder about a lot of things and then I wonder if everyone wonders about these things or am I just weird?

Hi Kathy,

Thanks for the expansive response. One thing that I wonder about is why God created all the seemingly extra things such as the portion of the universe beyond the so-called "horizon", the part we can never see. Another thing is the existence of enjoyment; e.g., what if reality had a lot of enjoyable things such as the colors you mentioned, but no being who could enjoy any of it? Along the same line, I wonder how someone with an atheistic view of evolution would feel about a universe where there was everything except enjoyment; e.g., not even animals enjoyed anything because all of their action were driven by non-enjoying forces similar to the ones in man-made machines in this universe.

Another thing I ponder is this question. Which of these two situations would you choose for children if it were in your power to bring it about?

1. All children from this point forward in time are saved from all suffering through their adult years, but at the cost of never knowing (or suffering from missing) what adult love is. They experience only enjoyment, but their enjoyments are only at the level of children such as the taste of cookies and the love children have for parents.

2. All children from this point forward suffer through their adult years as has always been the human condition, but with the possibility without the certainty, of experiencing adult love.

Did you just say, "No thanks! I heading back into the woods!"? eyebrow


Nov 30th 2013 new
I think, therefore I am
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