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Discussion related to living as a Catholic in the single state of life. As long as a topic is being discussed from the perspective of a single Catholic then it will be on-topic.

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Dec 5th 2013 new
Marge, I love your response here! You are a gem!

Dec 5th 2013 new
I don't know. Just not sure I can live without it. Like if I stopped doing it for a year or two Jesus will bless me with a honeymoon? I've talked to guys who have been chaste for six years. Heck if I thought I coud do that I'd become a priest just to raise my standard of living.

That's the thing. Our jobs today are so stressful. Nothing makes me more angry than all this "job creation" . It seems like everyone elses offices are staffing up. I'm still the lone soldier every weekend.

One guy calls me with a question and I have to put him on hold to talk to another guy calling me from the same office with the same question. I'm going freaking nuts! What about those of us who worked through the recession? Now half blind and crippled. Where's our big bonus?

So this may seem like a tangent. But when you have a pitiful existance. That sin is the only thing that keeps you going. It's almost like love or something. Makes it all worth it.

Anyhow I think I will leave it alone based on this feedback. I still feel like I am lying for the devil, but when the devil has ya there's no denying it. Not to mention maybe God helped me answer those questions in the first place.


Dec 5th 2013 new
Wow this post really blew up this evening. eyebrow
Dec 5th 2013 new
Does six months "chaste" count if you weren't trying to do it? sorry
Dec 5th 2013 new
I should tell you the empathy story. Don't want to corrupt you though. This is just what's going on in the real world.

Be grateful that you have stayed close to the Lord.

I met a girl who was gung-ho on Jesus. Her ex husband talked her into swinging. She ended up having a relationship though when he wasn't around which ticked him off and led to the divorce. She was so remorseful. Also appreciative that I accepted her.

Two weeks in though she met a guy who did exactly the same thing to his wife and left me for him. He was a trucker looking for a place to live. I'm sure things worked out spendidly for them.

I on the other had am sure about where I stand on marriage. One man and one woman forever. Period. So my sins up til then I hope are just a drop in the bucket. I promise to always protect my wife from the devil.

Just hope she shows up soon or I'm a gonner.
Dec 5th 2013 new
Ouch that's totally counter to my last answer. Why should we not protect our woman's virtue? I see girls here who are my age and older who have never been married or had children. I'm not saying they are virgins. But if they are staying chaste right now to get to heaven. After I'm married I'm not going to let the devil in. I've seen him. I know what he looks like. The only bright side to the life I have lived.

So as a husband I shouldn't make it just a little easier for her to live without sin? What's wrong with promising that? That I understand the wicked lifestyles that are destroying the world for our kids. Should I also not protect them? Keep them out of public school districts at least?


But seriously. A woman is supposed to do what a husband says. I think a potential wife might appreciate that I would never ask her to do something that was asked of me by the devil. Nor would I cheat. Cause I've been alone too long not to treasure her completely.
Dec 5th 2013 new
Sorry for all the half-wit responses. You all bombarded me at once. Plus it's almost TV time with Mom.

Thank you all for your help. biggrin
Dec 5th 2013 new
(quote) Eric-929127 said: ... It's almost like love or something. 
Yeah, and ricin is almost like stevia, or something.

Counterfeits can temporarily salve the wounds, but sometimes they do us more damage in the long run than had we endured the pain of lack.
Dec 5th 2013 new
Amen. And true "honesty" is a welcome virtue that leads you closer to God. It is a blessing and should be valued and rewarded.
Dec 5th 2013 new
Now I'm going to change the subject cause we are discussing something that I just said we shouldn't but "the pain of lack" is quite an amusing way of putting it.

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