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This room is dedicated to those who are facing the challenge of raising children without the support of a spouse. This is a place to share ideas and lend mutual support.

Saint Rita is known to be a patroness for abused wives and mourning women.
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Jan 3rd 2014 new
Dear Amanda,

Hugs and prayers. I might suggest the novena to Mary, Undoer of Knots. . .A former CM member recommended this to me in dealing with a difficult situation with my youngest child. It is a beautiful prayer and most comforting. In the book, I bought to go along with the prayers, the author's suggest the simple prayer of: "Mary, take over." when a situation is seemingly insurmountable or especially difficult.
Jan 3rd 2014 new

Thank you for the advice and the reminder to pray. Although I do a lot, I don't exactly plan them, it is more so out of frustration. I will try to put pray more so into my daily life, and pray for the ability to stick to my guns and not bad mouth her father.

Jan 3rd 2014 new

Thank you for the recommendation of the novena I will check it out as well as the book.

Your prayers are most welcome and appreciated.

Thank you again.

Jan 3rd 2014 new
To everyone who is praying for me, I'm really thankful for the prayers, I know they are already helping I don't feel as hopeless as I did when I wrote the post.

Thank you again, and you are all in my prayers as well.

Jan 4th 2014 new
I don't know what state you live in, but in Texas she has to be 13 to decide. But, I will keep you in my prayers. If the ruled in your favor before, they should rule in it again. As long as your not a criminal, drug user or child abuser, there should be no reason for them to take her away.
Jan 4th 2014 new
(quote) Jennifer-1034377 said: I don't know what state you live in, but in Texas she has to be 13 to decide. But, I will keep you in my prayers. If the ruled in your favor before, they should rule in it again. As long as your not a criminal, drug user or child abuser, there should be no reason for them to take her away.
very warm welcome Jennifer to the fora wave smile
Jan 4th 2014 new
Hang in there for the long haul! I feel for you because I have been/am in a very similar situation with my son and his dad. I think you're doing a really great thing by trying not to badmouth your daughter's dad. Even if it's not apparent at first, your daughter will eventually see through his childish games, if she doesn't already. It's so unfortunate that children get put in these kind of situations. Sometimes the only thing you can do is trust in God and pray. It sounds like you are being a strong support for your daughter! I hope you have a good support system for yourself too.
Jan 5th 2014 new
(quote) Amanda-181200 said: Hello,

I'm looking for advice and prayers. Back in May of 2012, my daughter's father served me with papers to try to get primary residency away from me and give it to him. Since then we have had to go through a court appointed social study, which ended with the social study person saying my daughter should stay with me. That should have been the end of it. But her father is now taking it to court.

My daughter just turned 11, yesterday, and is spending the rest of the Christmas break with her father. On her birthday, my daughter called me on speaker phone with her father in the room and with no prompting and completely suddenly my daughter said she knew who she wanted to live with and it was her father. Now since my daughter has never told me this in person and it was literally out of the blue.

I think her father is starting to worry and is hoping if my daughter says it enough the courts will listen.

I know it is in my daughter's best interest to stay living with me, but how do I combat what her father is saying to her while still practicing my Catholic faith?

I don't know how to convince her she wants to be with me, while not bad mouthing her father or his family. With me she is an only child, when she is at their house there is her father his wife and her two younger siblings, it is really hard to combat having siblings since I know I loved having a sister more than not having her around. It is also hard to combat the fact that his family has a lot more disposable income than I myself.

I know the courts will say my daughter should stay with me, but how am I going to combat the fact that her father is trying to poison her mind against me?

Thank you for any and all advice, but most importantly thank you for any and all prayers you pray on my behalf.


Toss your prayer request and embattled situation right into God's hands. HE is in control. Always has been.

Always will be. HE already knows the outcome. With all of our prayers, leave your worries and concern to HIM.

"Jesus I Trust In You" - Prayer of the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

Secondly, make sure you smile through all the uglies of life. There's a lot of dark, mean, nastiness out there.

SMILE. Love your daughter and tell her so. SMILE. Pray with your daughter for love, peace, joy and happiness.

SMILE. Laugh. Do things with your daughter. SMILE. Hugs.

Exuding GOOD and POSITIVE energy manifest to those around you.

Lastly make sure you have a support network of close friends and families to help you see this through.

"For This Too, Shall Past". ~ God Bless, Rose

Jan 5th 2014 new
Three things:

1. You need a community of intercessors. Have a friend organize prayers for you before all major court battles and for your daughter because she is being pulled between two people whom she loves very much.

2. Get the best custody attorney you can. This will be very expensive, but I guarantee you, it will be more expensive or heart breaking if you do not. If you cannot afford this attorney, go to the TX Bar Association's page and see who does pro bono work. Trust me on this, you do NOT screw around with custody without a GOOD attorney.

3. Your daughter needs a good, safe, counselor. Pray to God that He directs you to a good, safe one because your daughter needs a safe place to vent what is happening to her. This counselor, in the case this goes to court, can become a huge advocate for your daughter. Not for you. Not for your ex, but for your daughter.

I have been through a vicious battle myself, though very different circumstances. The above is what I learned.

You are from TX which is problematic because TX is NOTORIOUS for terrible family law. Even more reason to get a good attorney. One of the reasons I have not relocated to TX is because their family law is so terrible.
Jan 6th 2014 new
That's what I was going to say: good lawyer.
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