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Jan 8th 2014 new
I like in Alaska and we've had a heat wave... anxiously awaiting the snow and colder weather so we can go out and play!!
Jan 8th 2014 new
(quote) Joanne-846477 said: You can run...but you can't hide!
Originally I am from Detroit, I worked on the road a lot, and lived in that area for 2 years or so. I left when the job ended. goldfish
Jan 9th 2014 new
I live in Canada. It is brutally cold here too. We have set records for cold temperatures recently. At Christmas time the power was out for many for 6 to 8 days because of freezing rain. Hope that it warms up soon as this cold is for the polar bears......hehehehe
Jan 9th 2014 new

We're having a heat wave! Temps went from -20 windchill this morning to 17 this afternoon. Expecting the upper 30's for the weekend. Break out the pic-a-nic baskets! wave

Jan 10th 2014 new
Rose said

Vacationing two months in Honolulu, HI.

Drop-Dead-Gorgeous weather! Sunny, 73 degrees, no humidity and light trade winds.

Answer: Yes! go ahead and rub it in. I bet you will come back with this nice tend and everyong
that knows you will wish they had traveled to HI.
We are just coming out of 30 degree temp. tomorrow's high 70;s. No wonder Tx is having
a flu out bring.
I know you will enjoy the trip, Take care
God Bless You
PS I was stationed in Hi for 3 years, The Navy would not allow me to stay there.
Jan 10th 2014 new
Sorry meant "nice tan" and not "tend"
Jan 11th 2014 new
Today was much nicer here in Iowa with a high about 35 degrees and some snow melting due to the rain we got on Friday! So much nicer and a 75 degree change from Monday when it was so cold!
Jan 11th 2014 new
50 today.Thank Heaven.
Feb 7th 2014 new
-9 degrees in Missouri right now. Winter this year, you really needed coveralls, face masks, and everything else to wear to keep you warm.
Feb 8th 2014 new
Ths winter has been very bad in several locations in United States! Way too much snow and cold for me. Looking forward to springtime and the big thaw!
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