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Jan 17th 2014 new
(quote) Josephine-586127 said: Oh sorry. I've had them. Ouch!!!
I had them last year. the outbreak was on my back then spread to my arms. it was hot outside but in order to go to work I had to wear long sleeved blouses. The dr. told me I was contagious but could go to work if I didn't touch anyone. I followed his orders. my nephews wife gets the outbreak every year at about the same time. She always gets the shot but still gets it. I haven't gotten the shot yet.
Jan 17th 2014 new
Jan 17th 2014 new
(quote) Joan-679620 said: Kathy, I hope your mom is doing better:) You all may be aware of Capsaicin Cream. If not, look into it and ask her doctor about it. Capsaicin is an active ingredient in chili peppers and is used for nerve pain, including diabetic neuropathy.
I used this cream on my shingles and it worked. The dermatologist gave it to me. Has your mom seen one yet?
Jan 19th 2014 new

Mom is doing better and was quite happy to be able to get to mass this morning. Her rash is healing, but she still has considerable pain in her side. They are running tests tomorrow to rule out gall bladder issues.

Thank you again for your prayers. She sends hugs to all of you!

Jan 20th 2014 new
Thoughts and prayers to your mom.
Jan 20th 2014 new

Thank you for your prayers, Thomas.

Mom is scheduled to have her gall bladder removed on Thursday. She is hopeful this will alleviate a lot of her pain.

Jan 20th 2014 new
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