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Is There a Secret Protocol?

Jan 12th 2014 new
Hi Everyone,
I am a relatively new member who finally decided it was time to see if there were others out there to connect with. Is there a certain way to do that successfully? I don't seem to have the hang of it quite yet.
Jan 12th 2014 new
Hi Elise, WELCOME to CM.

as far as i know there isn't any secret protocol, but a good way to get to know other members is browse the Forums
and join in discussions.
There are also a lot of Articles, Member profiles, and other things that you can browse through on your CM Home page.
wink Praying
Jan 12th 2014 new
welcome aboard, Elise.........we are fun loving and friendly! there's a women only forum down near the bottom of the list also, so more personal questions can be asked
Jan 13th 2014 new
Thanks, Dave. My time is so limited....I just wanted to see if there was someone out there in the world who would be willing to correspond with me and be friends. I am not necessarily looking for the "match" but rather "the friend" who could possibly be willing to carry on an discussion without preaching or making judgements ....👍🌻
Jan 13th 2014 new
Thanks, Susan. I feel I have plenty of interaction with women, and I would like to correspond with someone of the opposite sex. If it doesn't happen, I really don't care. I am so very busy....I just thought someone out there might think I was just a little bit interesting. Frankly, I'm just not interested in be
Jan 13th 2014 new
Sorry, Susan...somehow hit the wrong button. As I was saying, I'm just not interested in being judged and rated and tested like some kind of object. If I am so unappealing as to not respond to me, I can certainly go back inside. I took at peek out there to see what this world was like at my age, but from what I've experienced so far, I really don't seem to be missing much. God bless...
Jan 14th 2014 new
Hi Elise & Welcome!

If you have a general idea of what you're looking for, such as a preferred age range, location or faith level, I'd recommend updating your Primary Saved search criteria to include these preferences. When you select "Run Search", you'll see a listing of any member who meets the given criteria. When clicking on any of these profiles, you can use the "next" button to move to the next member.

While scrolling through these profiles, you can contact anyone who interests you by sending an emotigram, message, or by initiating a chat. If you like the profile, but aren't ready to start a conversation yet, you can add the member to your list of favorites by selecting the star icon in his profile.

When sending communication of any kind, it is important to include personalized text since generic emotigrams usually give the impression that you may be a free member and cannot respond with anything further. I usually recommend asking a couple of questions in an initial message. Many times, someone may not know what to say so when there is a direct question being asked, this makes it much easier to respond.
Jan 15th 2014 new
Hi Elise welcome to CM! Like you fairly new and found the forums are great way to converse with folks. A new feature I just noticed was how long it has been since someone has been on the CM website. I don't think you can assume they are paid members but at least they are looking around! Advice I received was just keep typing. Ask a question or comment- like got snow? See you in the forums! Mary Beth
Jan 19th 2014 new
Good morning Elise and welcome to, I've been on this website for three weeks and have learned more in those three weeks than I have in the past 10 years.(I've never been on any other match site so I can't compare), First of all, explore the website and go ahead and push all those buttons on your keypad and learn what to do and not to I'm doing right now, I'm learning and so can you. Go ahead and post your thoughts in the forums and I guarantee you will receive all kinds of messages...from one extreme to the other, That's a good thing because it will cause you to think and learn and rethink and relearn ad infinitum. Second, and this is something that will evolve, know who you are as a person and what you want, then state it plainly in your profile...which you can change as often as you like as you gradually sharpen your focus on who you are and what you want. Thus, if you want a protocol, use your profile as a screening mechanism. If you state you are seeking male pen pals, they will find you, some could become lifelong friends and one might become a husband. Supposedly we're all Catholics, all have Catholic values and all want to help one another become better Catholics...which is my theory about the ultimate goal of Hope this is helpful. If you have a question, click on my profile, click on messages, send your question to me and I will respond. Maybe there really is a Secret Protocol and we can secretly find it!?
Jan 20th 2014 new
Elise wish you success. Can almost feel our frustration.
Much great advise was given.
But I also believe you hit on one of CM's strong points the Forum. We can all give you a piece of what we learn and you can take some, none or all. A new member will tend to get
discouraged when they get no response. Especially if they are searching for some one nearby.
Read "Distance" on Community help.
The nice thing about CM is that you are on when you have the time for as long as you can.
Searching for the friend can be a worthy goal. I believe Andrew hit on a lot them all.
God Bless You
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