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Jan 16th 2014 new
(quote) Monica-1041997 said: If you like waterfalls, you should check out this website: It is run by a couple that travels the world to visit waterfalls and writes up reports about them. Very interesting!

In Oregon we have a state park that has a series of waterfalls along a walking trail; Silver Creek Falls State Park. Also, some of my most favorites are in my country of birth, Plitvice Lakes (& series of Falls) in Croatia.
Jan 16th 2014 new

One of my most favorite places is Glacier National Park; also love the lodges. Been to them all twice and look forward to doing it again. Amtrak drops you off within 100 yards of one of the lodges.

I am working on whittling down the places written about in a travel book called 1001 places to see before you die... or something like that...

I have been to over 150 of the places in it so far than kids really slowed the travel bug in me down :) A few more years and I break loose again! Volunteering & Travel is high on the list!

Jan 16th 2014 new
Went to Cm ireland 2011 fell in love went for a few days in 2013 after CM Italy, fave city NEW ORLEANS, Assissi, Venice, Italy bucket list, Scotland, Mont St Michel, Seattle,San Diego Id like to visit the missions, and The salt Cathedral in Poland. those are a few things
Jan 17th 2014 new
(quote) Monica-1041997 said: Oh, I would love to hear about it, Kate!

By the way, I just noticed you are from Frankfurt am Main. Your city helped rebuild a nursing home in Sendai after the Great East Japan Earthquake (I know because I translated the thank-you letter). Thank you! :)
I didn't know that as I was studying in England at that time but it's one more reason to put on my "why Frankfurt is great"-list wink so thanks for letting me know.

I visited York years ago when I was an Erasmus-student in England but I still remember it so it definitely left an impression smile It was a very spontaneous trip - a kind of "oh, the next stop is York... let's get off here"-thing so some of the museums were closed but I remember that there was a sort of walking path that you could take which would led to some very nice views of the Cathedral. And the town centre was very old with tiny houses - it had a lot of charm and it is certainly different from Japan.
My Dad went to Japan on a business trip a couple of years ago and he was impressed. Unfortunately he didn't get to see the cherry blossoms which I heard are definitely worth a visit.
Jan 17th 2014 new
(quote) John-132457 said: Can't help myself...must correct spelling....Czestochowa. Hope I can get there myself some day. The American Czestochowa Shrine, in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, is a favorite of mine.

I hope you get a chance to go there sometime, John. I've been to Czestochowa twice, with tour groups from my parish. The second time we were able to have Mass in the chapel right in front of the Black Madonna icon.

Jan 17th 2014 new
(quote) Michael-76823 said:

I hope you get a chance to go there sometime, John. I've been to Czestochowa twice, with tour groups from my parish. The second time we were able to have Mass in the chapel right in front of the Black Madonna icon.

Maybe someday. smile I spent a lot of time at the Shrine in Doylestown. We have a parish staffed by the Pauline Fathers here in Buffalo too.
Jan 17th 2014 new
For me a few favorites include Rome, Cinque Terre and Assisi in Italy, the Bocas del Toro Islands--especially the pristine beaches on the uninhabited islands like Zapatilla--and Volcan Baru in Panama, Whistler Village just north of Vancouver in Canada, Prague, Vienna, Madrid, the scenic and ancient Villa de Leyva and pristine Tayrona National Park beaches (both in Colombia), and Cusco in Peru. And yeah Poland is really nice also (loved the Basilica of Divine Mercy in the outskirts of Krakow). But above all, my home in Northern Virginia's wine country, halfway between the Blue Ridge Mountains and Downtown DC. :)
Jan 17th 2014 new
On vacation in the Philippines right now. It's far but all worth it. If you want a true paradise experience the province of south cotabato have so much to offer. The only expensive part is the plane ticket. The beaches are still not over crowded with tourist. Shhhh don't tell everyone. 😊. You will also have time for a daily mass at 5:30 am.
Jan 18th 2014 new
Margaret wrote:

"My favorite place to travel is Mackinac Island, MI, though any place in Michigan is pretty awesome. I would love to hike from one end to the other of both Isle Royale National Park and Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, but to play it safe I would need a traveling companion.

I would also love to go to Ireland and Scotland. As part Irish lass I feel I would fit in there just swimmingly, while Scotland is just plain cool. I do need to go to Lithuania, too, as I am the only member of my immediate family who has yet to make the trek."

Hello Margaret wave

If you ever decide to come visit Ireland give me a shout beforehand and I will let you in on all the beautiful walks and treks here wink (as well as all the "off the beaten track" shebeens, pubs and festivals ) You would indeed fit in here "Swimmingly" wink as long as you bring a rain mac and a good pair of boots laughing

Ps: Jessica and Lauren - same offer open to you wave (Lauren -March is a great time to visit as it co-incides with all the festivities for St. Patrick's day shamrock shamrock shamrock wink )
Jan 19th 2014 new
I have not traveled very often. However, I have been to Hawaii ......the most beautiful place on this earth.....well that is my opinion. I loved Hawaii :):)

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