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Feb 21st 2014 new
Susan has a point, and believe me, speaking from experience... there are many, many couples who have the great cross of infertility. I think that from either perspective, more knowledge about how your body works can never be a bad thing. God gives us the inspiration and knowledge of truth... it's up to us if we want to use it or not. Learning something that will benefit both your personal well-being as well as your marriage, is a win-win situation! smile
Feb 22nd 2014 new
wink wink? Did something fall in your eye? Welcome to CM Marie! Your knowledge is much needed here by the things I've seen. rosary
Feb 22nd 2014 new
(quote) Marie-1035263 said: Actually I think if one compares Creighton to other methods, it ends up much easier than BBT and Billings, and also more effective. Of course, NFP also depends a lot on the user :)... but our clients have a year of classes under their belt also, so I'm thinking that they are better prepared for a lifetime of charting. It is also newer (started in 1975), and we work with doctors who are trained in a new science called Naprotechnology. Really awesome and mind-boggling stuff :) Dr. Hilgers (the founder) was just on "Women of Grace" on EWTN with a 5 episode series. I recommend it! :)
The week's 5 segments are available on 1 DVD. Ask for the week of Valentine's Day 2014 to get the correct DVD. $30 + shipping if I remember right, or go to the Women of Gracw website to subscribe and watch it free.
Feb 22nd 2014 new
Yes you can email members of the same gender.
Feb 23rd 2014 new


That is the beauty of CM. Over the years I have met some great ladies. I even chatting to one now. After years and years some have married CM Men and they are on my facebook and private email.

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