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Discussion related to living as a Catholic in the single state of life. As long as a topic is being discussed from the perspective of a single Catholic then it will be on-topic.

Tobias and Sarah's story is from the Book of Tobit, and his journey is guided by Saint Raphael.
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Mar 28th 2014 new
I would like to share this when I unexpected visited this beautiful chapel at the waterfront ... Blessed Mother and God can lead you and me to a place of serenity and happiness .... release everything to our Heavenly Mother and God .... hug Praying theheart rosary rose rose rose

Fast from Criticism
Feast on Understanding (changed from Peace)

Fast from Self-Pity
Feast on Joy

Fast from Ill Temper
Feast on Peace

Fast from Resentment
Feast on Contentment

Fast from Jealousy
Feast on Love

Fast from Pride
Feast on Humility

Fast on Selfishness
Feast on Service

Fast on Fear
Feast on Faith

Mar 29th 2014 new
you might be perturbed and deeply troubled if I mention that, yes, you have a fine house with all the trimmings, but the thief is ready to take and celebrate .... you may in your loving mind think of an ordinary person, which is not always the case .... just as you would be offended with the mere thought of being a servant/slave ....

a wonderful person, Rico, he toiled w/love his whole life and walk to work, that was his extend of the world he knew and was content on the surface ... he lovinging took gentle care and loved his mom .... he kept us inform on all the happenings in workplace ... but most of all, I remember his smile .... may his and his family souls rest in peace and may perpetual light shine on them with all souls of the departed in the mercy of Our Lord Jesus Christ ... hug Praying theheart rosary rose rose rose

Was his life fulfilled, perhaps .... earthly and spiritual .... he did reap much rewards, perhaps ....

enjoy going to the fruit section of a supermarket .... let's pick orange .... it has a distinct color, shape, and aroma.... pretty much you uses all your senses: touch, smell, sight, taste, except hearing ..... wondering how many hands touch that one pick of the bunch .... looking at the color and if its bruised or not ... is it perfect shape or lopsided ..... once peeling or cutting, the aroma awakening most of the senses .... it is as if the of light of the sun radiantly melted you away .....

guess we might be like that one orange .......... but are we truly, which - orange or hand in the selection if applicable, or just merely disregard it and move on without a nudge ???
Apr 5th 2014 new
on a windy and dreary day you begin to reflect about your whole life and where's its heading .....

you watch people interaction and their facial expression ... what are they thinking .....

you might have close encounter where with a snap of your finger you are forever sleeping ....

but out of nowhere you hear children crying and playing and you snap back to reality ....

so at a spontaneous moment you have the most noble conversation that takes you back into past .... and your face light up .... memory lane and the good old times .... four guys in their car going to discover the world and to be able to express every delightful and wild adventure they shared traveling U.S. .....

their chivalry to attend to a maiden was so noble and unexpected, I am very bless to met/know them ..... hug Praying theheart rosary rose rose rose

Apr 5th 2014 new
(quote) Genie-920495 said: OMGosh is she serious !!!

I will begin/share a story took place umpteen years ... there was this elderly gentleman and computer became a big part of the company...i enjoyed this new toy, but he was elderly didn't see the need for it or much less the purpose .... so he was rebellious and adamant toward his superiors about this new thing, computer being introduce to be use in our daily work .... it took him awhile to slowly ease into using and had to have quiet a bit of patience ... lo and behold once he felt so comfortable and ease you couldn't stop him from producing beautiful and unexpected work ...

like the kitchen with all its different functions and utensils/tools it takes time and plenty of practice to produce a beautiful product --- dinner, dessert or those smoothies....

Seeing how difficult it is to be on dating site, even for myself, to put my thoughts into words and for someone to even to understand what i'm trying to convey is in itself a miracle for me .... if you were one of my professor, by default, they most likely would pass me since they see me and competing against the others, young ones, is a disadvantage for me as it has been ages since i've gone to school, so it is with dating and approaching someone....

maybe one way is to add on our profile if you see something please do not hesitate to contact me and if i do like to further communicate will contact you ... or something ... or just be friends to make each day a good one dropping a emoticon or hello... I would love if you pursue me since I'm so old fashion ... the clock is ticking and you are one beautiful or handsome person .... let's see what we have in common ... distance should not be a factor since the intro of technology and oh it is wonderful to hear and speak for we have that sweet sound of a voice and the warmth of hands eventually to connect.... i will not, I mean NOT, judge you if you misspell due to your fingers being too big for that keyboard or that darn phone sending it without spell check .... since we're both have fear of spiders, lets get a twig, bend it, and wrap that itsy bitsy spider web and plant it in another part of the garden.... I know i'm not educated or speak in foreign land, thank you for you support in the steps out of my comfort zone and oh what a beautiful world i've discovered through your itsy bitsy eyes ....

we know some of us have a difficulty to expressing like me, esp when it comes to acronym or abbreviation, which means now we have to use the and of course the dictionary ... which is work/play as they call it in child education

how can we ease this complex and nerve wrecking dating, even with all the discussions and blogs still we are afraid to come out of that safety/comfort zone.... it is truly a miracle how Jesus began to preach at the age of 12 and then as an adult ... Joseph taking Mary's hand ...

As in chess or checker what new move in your life are you or me ready to take as so many have before us .... this is a new year .... a new day ... for me Christmas is everyday....
You are such a beautiful soul, Genie. hug
Apr 10th 2014 new
you ever wonder what happened to us as we grow up .... from the time we are in our mother's womb we begin to grow, it didn't stop there but has it .... you would wonder, not speaking about our naturally physical growth but inner growth .... love, hugs, and smile were freely given ... innocent but with sweetness of joy in life .... is it bc of the stresses & anxieties, pressures of daily obligations that we don't see the wonderful things .... the sun put blinders on our eyes cool or maybe we have our windows also install blinders to keep the sun Sunrise .... can you wonder the beauty of the sun dancing while the Blessed Mother command it to do so .... what about our own heart heartbeat to do the same Sunrise .... Chirp Chirp that might be too much to ask and work oh what is that you might think "worthwhile" .... valentine hug smile Praying theheart :rosary: :rose: :rose: :rose:
Apr 12th 2014 new
is it really true that trying we are bound/having to fail as the saying goes, esp if we are shy to the tee.... suppose our lack of conversation is barbed wire then are we doom ... oh, well lets get back to the drawing board .... just cheering on humor side ... maybe once day we will pull our sleeves and get to the bottom of what life is really about ....
Apr 22nd 2014 new
being on this site or possibly on any other site, you begin to wonder scratchchin .... what are our true intentions .... if for any reasons to meet someone sooo very special .... but is it merely as some say a fantasy or reality .... true, we have our own selfish intentions .... but in the end what would the consequences that we might not consider facing .... as children typically we are taught there is punishment, but as adult it seems to sway that this may or may not apply ... then again as children we may not have experience bonding or family unity .... whatever we did not shed during Lent and holding on did we again miss the mark to open new life meant for us .... abundant Easter blessing and graces of joy, peace, and theheart LOVE ....
Apr 29th 2014 new
so much focus on the financial aspect of our lives .... a new day and how did so many manage to raise families of 8 plus not competing against the joneses ..... yes it is true we do need the mighty $$$$ to survive everyday supposedly, but look at those who do not have the comfort of a home or family and survive daily .... is it so difficult to look at the inner of us and loving gratitude that we do have some comfort in the necessity of life ... GOD is sooo good .... yet we seem to worry about what the other might think if we are less capable in some aspect in our career choices and overlook the talents given .... would you agree then it is so much more of a priority to be in a loving and working relationship, i could only contemplate .... so I remain single, why? I don't have the answers or clue .... hug Praying theheart rosary rose rose rose
May 5th 2014 new
we face so much in human darkness - dating and marriage ..... but how do we response apart from opening a new life ... do we know how to erase (annulments, brutal dating experience/relationship, etc) through our Divine Physician Jesus theheart all that has plagued to forgive in our life for a new beginning .... are we really open to the gifts awaiting us Dove ... or do remain frozen in time in our suppose safety net/cave/isolation .... who is so stubborn or foolish not to seek and share God's abounding love with someone meant to be our soulmate/kindred spirit ..... aspire to share in the greatness beyond our talents or career - a heart heartbeat with true LOVE .... touch by angel to bring us closer to the one in the heart gazing into those lovely eyes shining each and everyday, heart so full of life, most esp fulfilling God's plan ..... enduring the obstacles that we finally have shed for that one true love valentine .... hug Praying theheart rosary rose :rose: :rose:
May 14th 2014 new
No wonder one must be saved from quicksand in this world of inundated philosophy or advice to our mere existence .... it is like a fish that need to scale back .... find its own purpose and meaning to being worthy .... not always necessary to be with connected by a bond or knot ... but totally without any retaining wall or barbed wire .... as drawn in by a net to find the joy of everlasting happiness that would forever change their world .... hug Praying theheart rosary rose rose rose
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