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Discussion related to living as a Catholic in the single state of life. As long as a topic is being discussed from the perspective of a single Catholic then it will be on-topic.

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Mar 8th 2014 new

If someone takes the time to write me, I will certainly reply back. So far, this has not become a full time job!

I send messages to those who's profile has similarities or something of interest, for photos I appreciate and for additional encouragement. I view profiles because of matches, forum posts or profile pictures. I don't expect a response and most often don't get one. That's okay and I can certainly understand, especially if they live over 50 miles away, why they wouldn't bother?

Rarely have I sent a message because I sensed something "magical." And if there has been no phone conversation, it doesn't surprise me to have them "poof ". If I'm not meeting their needs for comeraderie, socialization or comic relief, I wouldn't want to waste their time anyway.

Mar 8th 2014 new
(quote) Dan-1002097 said:

Thanks for your thoughtfully measured response, Chris. My first and only experience with internet social media of any sort has been to join CM six months ago. One of my apprehensions going in was to suspect the general dialog between participants would be superficially trivial and depersonalized, largely because of the huge exposure involved. You have been one of many persons I have seen on CM now that have put that prejudice on its head. It takes quite a full ration of courage to lift this medium to its higher potentials. And, regardless of viewpoints, I commend you and the many others who continue to do that.

I apologize for any disrespect taken away from my last post. I meant to call into task peoples' effect on others, not their intentions. But, this vast world-wide medium now at everyone's fingertips has its bad potentials as well as its good ones. And, as far as I've seen it so far, I just don't see any moral doctrine applying other than the one we're all familar with IRL, "in real life" (gosh, how I hate that term. Isn't it ALL real?). As I said before, we need to watch who (or what) we are allowing to become our master.

No reply on 50 to 100, huh? Yikes. It gets THAT tough, even for you gen-Y'ers? You even lost count?

I hear the winter has been pretty hard up your way, Chris. Don't worry. Spring's coming.

Thank you very much, I appreciate the apology. No harm done.

Yes I lost count long ago, but I just roll with the punches on these sites, kind of have to.

Its been quite cold up here, I can't recall a more frequently below zero winter. Its not so bad though, you get used to it. This weekend has been nice, 20-30 something degree highs. That is a heat wave and I have seen a few people in shorts. I myself ditched the jacket for a light long sleeve shirt. It may be cold but it toughens us Minnesota folks up a bit wink
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