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Discussion related to living as a Catholic in the single state of life. As long as a topic is being discussed from the perspective of a single Catholic then it will be on-topic.

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Mar 7th 2014 new
Hi Chris!

I dont mind you for disagreeing with me but I stand by what I said. Any friendship that is a true friendship will be based on God and giving a good Christian example and right living. What im getting at Chris is this:our human nature is weak and is always inclined to wanting to act against how our Lord has layed down for us to live. By putting yourself in situations with people who are not seeking the Lord in how they carry themselves,you could end up falling into the same thing your trying to avoid. There are many ways you can help those who are not leading virtuous lives. One way is by prayer and another by fasting that they might see the errors of their ways. Im only concerned about the good of your soul!

God Bless You Again!
Mar 7th 2014 new
(quote) Chris-947337 said: I made a decision back in my early teenage years that I would never have anything to do with the consumption of alcohol. Many things contributed to this decision, and to this day, I have held true to it.

I would say I have had quite the enjoyable life without it, although, it makes some things more difficult. I find it most difficult to find others that want to do anything that doesn't involve drinking. I hang out on occasion with work friends at the bars, but I find it only fun until everyone around me stops being themselves due to the effects of consumption, at which point I usually say goodnight and head for home.

To this day, I have found absolutely nobody that has made such a decision as I have. While I do have some friends that drink very casually, most of them are pretty bent on getting drunk at almost all social functions if possible.

So, this brings me to my question and reason for posting this topic. Is there anyone else on here that has made the decision to go against the societal norm of consuming alcohol? How do you deal with it friends wise and even dating wise?

Anyone who does not appreciate you for your very wise decision to not drink alcohol, does not deserve you, Chris!

I am sure there is a special lady out there your age who would love to have you!

Stay strong to your conviction. I understand it can be very challenging given the culture where you live, but hey, so far you've succeeded! Don't let a few affect your life choices.

Mar 9th 2014 new

Hey Chris,

I first wanted to give you props on your choice. Remember that it is yours to make and remember to stay true to it. Should you decide to drink alcohol later in life, that choice is also yours alone.

Just a few statistics: 2/3 of the adult population drinks alcohol. That means that 1/3 or them do not for whatever reason. Out of the 2/3 of said population, only30% of them drink to abuse or addiction levels. That leaves less than a quarter of the adult population in general that drinks to excess. I thought I would just do a little bit of normalization before I go into what I'm about to say.

Chris, I'm also a drug and alcohol abuse counselor, so I deal with said 18%-20%. Some get sober, some don't. Some die (yes, it has happened). I myself choose not to drink, though I drank earlier in my life. Long story short, I saw it leading me down a bad road. When people ask, I just say I don't drink. You'd be surprised how many people leave it at that. For those who pry (as some are wont to do) I simply point to my athletic lifestyle. If they still pry, then the discussion is something about them and not me.

Finally, just because I don't drink doesn't mean other around me can't. The line that I do draw is when people are start getting drunk. Then I will start feeling like a third wheel and a babysitter and I don't want to be either of those. I also seek out activities to do with people that don't involve drinking--like whitewater rafting or triathlon, etc.

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