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This room is for discussion for anyone who adheres to the Extraordinary form of the mass and any issues related to the practices of Eastern Rite Catholicism.

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Mar 21st 2014 new
I meant to say proper matter, not form...
Mar 21st 2014 new
(quote) John-971967 said:

I will say this to start, thank you for the clarification for today. However, this is not how your comments read from just a few days ago. So I don't know which view you might manifest tomorrow. It is a very disconcerting when you keep going back and forth like this.

Bernard, I may not be the best person to say this, but Catholics who long for the TLM need to be extremely careful to be consistent and not disobedient, because (as Jerry pointed out) it does not take much for just one (or just a few) to spoil the opportunity for all around them. It also turns away so many who otherwise may have been disposed to learn more from a constructive, patient and conforming approach. I say this, not so conformity is rendered blindly, but rather that it be measured with Christ's every word and in conformity to the discipline due the Church as the legitimate teaching authority.

NO John.That's how YOU read my comments a few days ago.Don't tell me what I was thinking when I wrote it.
Mar 21st 2014 new
(quote) John-971967 said:


The use of rice wine, it being not of proper form, is done with the full knowledge by a trained priest who knows that it is not ok. Thus, if done, I would think it clear that it is done deliberately. But it is important to still verify. Thus, the better way to deal with it is this: approach the priest and confirm his knowledge and understanding of his action, document it, ask him to stop doing it and why, if the priest refuses or discounts it, then express your concern to the local ordinary or his representative (and copy the priest) in which you state that if you are not informed of any remedial action, you will take the matter to the next level. The process sometimes is more complicated, but you get the general idea, right?

The absolutely wrong way to deal with this is to bypass standard/correct procedures and just start throwing mud by way of media. It is a purely divergent way of dealing with serious matters. So, how can one expect that the matter will be dealt with properly if the grievance is not going to be presented properly. Complaining with hearsay gets one nowhere. One will have compounded the problem/abuse by creating others on top of it. And the spiral just continues. At some point, we have to say enough of that, in both forms. Refusing to even try doing it the right way is just not acceptable. Throwing the hands up in the air just because it may have been tried and the desired result was not obtained is no excuse. Each new circumstance must be dealt with justly.

So here is the real question for you Bernard: do you really know of a present situation where this is happening right now. If so, try the approach I suggested. If you are not aware of one, why are you bringing this example up? As a hypothetical, or by way of third-hand, or seventh hand, or something that happened in the 1970's?

Clearly a hypothetical.
Mar 21st 2014 new
(quote) Paul-866591 said: You are reaching.
Not at all.
Mar 21st 2014 new
(quote) John-971967 said: Thanks for making it clear that you do not accept the validity of any Novus Ordo Mass.
I don't know how you came up with that conclusion. I would rather not go to a Novus Ordo Mass is all I am saying.That has nothing to do with validity.

(quote) Bernard-2709 said: If you mean get out more and go to a Novus Ordo Mass...No thanks.

Mar 21st 2014 new
(quote) Bernard-2709 said: NO John.That's how YOU read my comments a few days ago.Don't tell me what I was thinking when I wrote it.
I don't need to know what you are thinking. You put it in written form.
Mar 25th 2014 new
Um... scratchchin I'm new here... but it seems you guys (good intentions or no) are drifting off point. like into space drifting. eyepopping
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