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Mar 27th 2014 new

1) Your situation here with lack of responses is by no means unique if you check out the complaints and frustrations on the forums here. Overall your profile is very good.

2) What would put me or some other men off initially is this comment. "They should be ambitious and get what they want out of life!" Sounds like you are looking for your super sales CEO or rich entrepreneurial type of guy. This as well as other statements like financially secure, very generous et al makes a lot of men, even those who are this way, very apprehensive if the lady wants a meal ticket, is a gold digger and would she stick around if his financial fortunes change for the worst down the road.

Now probably what you meant was that you don't want to take on some lazy good for nothing or be a nurse and a purse but it is best to choose ones words carefully because if something can be misunderstood, it will be misunderstood.


Michael Kelly

Apr 10th 2014 new
Your profile is fine, maybe keep participating in the forums. I have noticed that sometimes after posting in discussions I might get a view or message. Not all the time but someone who doesn't pull you up with their normal search parameters might be intrigued by something you post. And you never know you may find one of the gentlemen who participates in the forums to be interesting.

Specific comments:
you have a cute profile picture (that reminds me I need to update mine) with the cover photo I'm not sure what is going on in the background but I'm not thinking that would put guys off. It just like an urban street scene so not a big deal unless you specifically want a guy who loves wide open spaces and rural areas.

Maybe add more interview questions (again, something I need to do) I've enjoyed interviews when a man has put some thought into the questions and maybe there is a little humor or you get a sense of the personality. I know its work but guys probably prefer fun personalized questions.

Hope you really wanted this much honestly. You seem like a nice person and I really hope you find your match.
Apr 10th 2014 new
Hey Tara, just read your profile, and did not find anything wrong with it. You seem like a real interesting young lady to know.
Apr 15th 2014 new
Tara I don't see anything wrong either with your profile I don't know why no one is sending you emotigrams. Let me ask you what are your qualifications for matches mainly like distance wise you should consider expanding the search parameters. Both relationships I've been in from this site were long distance. I'm returning after almost a year long break where I just casually signed on every blue moon lol.
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