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This room is dedicated to those who are facing the challenge of raising children without the support of a spouse. This is a place to share ideas and lend mutual support.

Saint Rita is known to be a patroness for abused wives and mourning women.
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Apr 10th 2014 new
(quote) Rita-821572 said: I remember when my 23 yr old son conned me into climbing up a bolted-down extension ladder to get up to the top of a roof of an enormous building that was being converted into a housing project. It was as if the ladder was suspended in mid air. Going up was spine-chilling, but going down (as I was praying) was terrifying. Being that I have a fear of heights to begin with, this was a colossal feat for me. His whole point was so that I could get to see the whole town from up there, he was right, and the view was breathtaking! After that, I think I can tackle almost anything.
Our kids make us braver than we ever imagined. heart
Apr 10th 2014 new
(quote) Marge-938695 said: Wow, I must be really rotten mother. I can't think of a thing.
I'm guessing selective amnesia, Nature's balm for parents everywhere, has set in, or you are so adventuresome that none of the craziness bothered you.
Apr 10th 2014 new
(quote) Greg-1073162 said: HI Sam,

I have 2 things:

1. When my youngest son was 3 he was sitting on the porch looking very sad. So I sat down with him and asked what was wrong. He said "Well, I was thinking, mom's the oldest so she's gonna die first, then you'll die, then Maria and then Matt and I'll be all alone. So I'm sad." I never, in my wildest dreams, thought I would be discussing mortality with a 3 year old.

2. When the same son was in middle school, he was in the Indianapolis Children's Choir and was fortunate enough to get to tour with the choir. My wife and were chaperones. So not only have I been to a show at the Sydney Opera House, I've been to the artists spaces below and back stage; I've been in the crypts below Notre Dame Cathedral and the cathedral in Chartres France; I was also blessed to have lunch with the Sisters at Sacre Coeur Basilica, Montmartre in Paris.

Having kids is the most amazing adventure there is!
They do lead us to the strangest places, both physically and psychologically.
Apr 11th 2014 new
For future reference - put about 2lbs of fabric softener in a small spray bottle - add water - shake it up. Spritz the hair of the Barbies and the tangles come out easily when you brush it.
Apr 11th 2014 new
Make that 2tbsp - not 2lbs :/
Apr 20th 2014 new
(quote) Sam-427739 said: What crazy stuff do you do for your kids that you NEVER, not in a million years, thought you would wind up doing?

When I was almost done with cooking a pot of soup I threw in a cup of shredded carrots. I quickly remembered that my daughter did not like boiled carrots only fresh and crunchy! With a fork I had to pick out all carrots between grains of rice and parsley. What a job but this was still easier than making a new soup from scratch!
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