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My chat box is enabled, and the chat box is never high lighted for me to chat with any profile I enter?
Mar 28th 2014 new
Hi Gustavo, and welcome to the forums. The chat capability is such that a member has to be online in order for the chat icon to become available for a chat with them.. You could always send them a message or emotigram in the form of something like "Hope to catch you online sometime, would love to have a chat with you". Messages and emotigrams are more like email in that the user does not have to be currently logged in, they will the messages the next time they log in.

Also keep in mind that some members do turn off the chat feature - but my guess is more towards the members not being logged in and currently active when you got to chat with them.
Mar 28th 2014 new
The other person might be shown as "online", but if they haven't moved around on the website for a little while (it might be as little as within the last few minutes), the chat box will shut off. Also, as was mentioned, a lot of people also turn off the chat feature when they log in... not everybody likes getting blind chat requests from people that they haven't already established some basic communication with (i.e. emotigrams/messages).
Mar 31st 2014 new
The option to chat will be available only when all three of the following conditions are present:

  1. The member is signed into their account
  2. The member has changed pages on the site within the past 10 minutes (meaning that they are actively using the site and didn't simply forget to sign out)
  3. The member's chat availability is Active (meaning that the member has not chosen to disable their chat availability
If you feel that all three factors are present and that something may not be working as it should, please don't hesitate to send a help ticket with specific information including the name/member id number of the person you're referring to and the exact time of the occurrence and I would be very happy to look into it.
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