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Mar 31st 2014 new
(quote) Tom-54311 said: Minnesota boy, Kevin Sorbo is in the movie.

Recommendations.....Young Frankenstein, Midnight Run, Independence Day, On the Waterfront, All of Me, Cinderella Man.
I do like Kevin Sorbo. I used to watch "Hercules" on late night TV. biggrin
Mar 31st 2014 new
(quote) William-888220 said: Hey Kimberlie, I just finished watching the film Gravity and it was touching, and moving. I do not know if you like space films, but this one will stay with you after having watched it.
I haven't seen Gravity yet but I have heard good things. I will have to add that to my queue.

Mar 31st 2014 new
(quote) Eric-929127 said: The thing is that Hollywood is answering our call. That Christians are begging for Christian entertainment. The problem is that though they are feeding us now they are downplaying the role of God.

That's the number one criticism I've heard of "Noah". I had the same sensation when I watched Monuments Men. That they were saving Catholic relics as art and not saving the religion.

Though just that little bit of Christian history is like a Casino Buffet to an America where the Christians are starving.

I will mention that in MM there is one scene where the gun fire sounds like it's in the theater.

I almost jumped on the floor even.
You are right, as Catholics and Christians, we beg for good movies to be made in Hollywood, with good moral messages. However, I don't think those messages necessarily have to be heavy-handed or watered down to make it "broadly accepted." I read a criticism of Christian music one time that said that just because music is "Christian" doesn't make it good. What we as Catholics should want is good music, good movies, good art and in that way it will be Catholic. When you think about much of the art that we admire, we admire it as Catholics because it is good, not because it is Catholic. Make sense?
Mar 31st 2014 new
For those wondering about the movie, "Noah," here is a movie post by Steven D. Greyhaus that I thought was very informative. I decided after reading it that I did want to see the movie, though now who knows if I will have time to see it in a movie theater.
Apr 1st 2014 new
(quote) Kimberlie-1059215 said: Hi!
I have been gifted two glorious nights with no children. I have not seen an adult movie in the movies in YEARS. I have four which I am leaning toward tomorrow: Noah (controversial I know but I haven't ruled it out), Monuments Men, The Grand Budapest Hotel (this one is R rated and I haven't see one of those since The Kings Speech - which I loved), and lastly God's Not Dead. I am afraid the last might be too kitsch-y. What say you?
Oh I agree totally. And don't get me started on today's "songs". Has there been a good album since "A Rush Of Blood To The Head"? I will even leave rap and hip hop out of this since it can hardly be called music. Let's compare say Bon Jovi to Buckcherry. It's all heavy metal? Hardly!

We want love. We want feelings and emotions. Whether they are Christian or not. We are all human. We want something with humanity.

At least something we can relate to on some level maybe. A tragic character for whom we can have sympathy. Not a bunch of heathens partying and being exactly what they want to be.
Apr 1st 2014 new
Life of Pi
Apr 1st 2014 new
(quote) Andrew-1045895 said: I highly recommend Saving Mr. Banks, which should be out on DVD soon if not already. Excellent story about P.L. Travers, the author of the Mary Poppins books, and how her childhood experiences influenced her writing. Also a good period piece, both from 100 years ago in Australia and early 1960s California. Tom Hanks as Walt Disney is particularly good, but Emma Thompson really nailed it as Travers. Children of alcoholics might be disturbed by some scenes in the movie, but they are very realistic and honest. Of course, if you have time for a "double feature" you should watch Mary Poppins right after this. No filthy language in either movie.
Sorry. Somehow I missed this. Saving Mr. Banks is one of the movies I really want to see. Mary Poppins was and is still one of my all time favorites. I love those timeless movies that successive generations can enjoy. My kids like it too. They love the Princess Bride too. I can't believe I didn't think they would like it.

Apr 1st 2014 new
(quote) Tricia-877261 said: Life of Pi
I have wondered about this movie. Like I mentioned, I have not been to an adult movie in the movie theaters in a while. I went to see Silver Linings Playbook in January of 2013. That is the last grown up movie I saw. :-)

Thanks for the recommendation!
Apr 2nd 2014 new

I'd pick the monument men. That 3rd Reich was one of the biggest kleptocracies in history and the ramifications of the art and museum thefts are still in the limelight as of now, All in all agreat history lesson.


Michael Kelly
Apr 2nd 2014 new
Eric, Seriously, read the Catholic Bible on Noah + footnotes, then go watch NOAH . Somehow the message of Meateaters=Evil + will/must die is in there. Vegans Live + Methuselah eating a nature berry that+1.000 yrs.of life/prior to drowning
List all of the lessons that are not in the Bible given to the religion starved generation
The metal workers were not AFL-CIO and naturally drowned in flood
Somewhere, at the 50 yardline the story headed South

I couldn't figure out if it was put together by Jehovah's Witness, Mormon or 'All of You Tell Me'
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