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Tobias and Sarah's story is from the Book of Tobit, and his journey is guided by Saint Raphael.
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Apr 16th 2014 new
(quote) Barbara-863769 said: Dave,

Michael did both ladies' profiles above...could you try mine, please?

Oh..okay...I guess I will wait...for the next gentleman....right???

Apr 16th 2014 new
or you could do Michael's or mine?... biggrin
Apr 16th 2014 new
Hi Dave - I enjoyed reading your profile and found it packed with information about your background and I thought your profile came across as warm and friendly. I liked the way you used words that describe you and used humor to describe your Ideal Match. Your pictures were exceptional. I especially appreciated that many of your photos had close-ups of your face - you are quite photogenic! I learned from your photos that you enjoy the outdoors, sports, and family. But the clincher were the adorable pictures of your dog. You are a pet person. Great job!
Apr 16th 2014 new
Janet wrote Michael's review above...and now YOURS is done... scratchchin

So I will must be my "calling" rolling eyes

Barbara wink
Apr 16th 2014 new
(quote) Barbara-863769 said: So I will must be my "calling"  


Smart, pretty, appreciates good quality coffee, fishing, and has raised a lot of kids.

And she knows how to laugh.

Oh . . . and some pretty interesting pictures too.
Apr 16th 2014 new
(quote) Dave-146273 said: It would be an honor.

Barbara, what i liked about your profile was how you described your faith... "God has given me all kinds of good love in the seasons of my life".

I thought how you said that was pretty cool. How often do we think of our life as having "seasons"..
THANK YOU, Dave... goldfish

Apr 16th 2014 new
For Jack:

Succinctly written profile. Does not take himself too "seriously"...writes with wit and detail!
An easy, CHARMING read! thumbsup

Jack was richly blessed with a large Catholic family. party
FANTASTIC baking sills, teen birthday survival skills---are duly noted and worthy of praise! highfive

Well-traveled. Beautiful photography of Bass Lake!

Great connection to the saints as resource-evidence of his Catholicity!

Attractive gentleman of the faith...who loves family, his God and beauty. clap

Apr 17th 2014 new
Thank you, Michael! You are very kind!
OK, now, who do I review??
Apr 19th 2014 new

Janet; Re; your "Profile"; fewer words . more personal details.

Apr 19th 2014 new
Hi there: Can someone please review my profile and give me constructive feedback? Thank you so much.
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