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Apr 19th 2014 new
(quote) Nicole-1018166 said: Hi there: Can someone please review my profile and give me constructive feedback? Thank you so much.
Hi Nicole. I wouldn't change a thing in your profile. I really like the section on things that make you smile. I wish I had thought of that. The only suggestion I would make is to put captions on some of your non-personal pictures.


Apr 19th 2014 new
I agree with Greg excellent profile, on photos, perhaps a photo or two of you or friends or family, beside profile picture.
Apr 19th 2014 new
For Albert:

Your profile was executed well and provided beautiful imagery of what a wonderful man you are!
  • Loved that you mentioned you served in the Army
  • Great interview questions that provoke thought
  • You are very distinguished man that has a balance for creating a stable home environment as well as enjoying social activities. You have a knack for home design and architecture and enjoy dancing.
My only suggestion is to add a profile picture. You are a true gentleman with impeccable style!

Apr 19th 2014 new
Thank you Greg and Charles. Great suggestion, I will add captions to my photos. smile
Apr 20th 2014 new
Hi All -

It is nice reading what others have written about the "BEST" parts of everyone's profiles. We want to lift people up in this thread, not offer the criticism as some people ask in other threads.

Apr 20th 2014 new
Dave & Michael!! Let me just say, "You're the man!" to both of you! Bow Right away, both of you participated and reviewed 2 profiles right off the bat!

Thank you gentlemen! You know how to brighten a woman's day!!! lovestruck!

Apr 20th 2014 new
Rachel - go for it! biggrin Pick any of the fine gents who have already posted. We don't need to follow the rules to a T.
Apr 20th 2014 new
(quote) Michael-1071426 said:
Here is mine. However I need to point out that one wonderful lady on here contacted me a while back and gave me a great critique about how I could change mine. This weekend I'm adding new photos, changed hair style et al but need my family to take them properly. I just shut my mouth, let her do the talking and will be following her instructions from here.

You were well advised by that one wonderful lady, Michael, to change your hair style. The difference between your old picture and this one is like the difference between night and day. A real life before and after image. Your new well groomed appearance will spur more women to be motivated to actually open your profile. You are indeed a wise man to be open to the instructions of a lady.

Apr 20th 2014 new
For CHARLES Profile I enjoyed it and liked it. It is well written. Depicted who you are in most aspects, a thorough description of yourself. 1) Though if I may suggest to just add simple captions on your photos. 2) And if you can have the patience and take the temperament test so you will know your result and you can read and compare yours and that of another person. This shall be on your profile. 3) Also, if you can find time and create your personal interview questions so others who view your profile will have an additional areas to know you and vice versa plus you can see ang gauge if their answers match yours. Over all everything is in order, good.
Apr 20th 2014 new
(quote) Janet-83198 said: Hi Friends -

I am diving back into the forums after a VERY LONG time away! How about we spread a little encouragement? This is intended to be fun and so that all of us can find out what people find interesting about our profiles.

Once a man posts a hello, I will read his profile and get the ball rolling.
Janet hello and welcome back. Just to let you know that your post on Best Parts of the Profile is indeed appreciated, encouraging and positive. I hope that many CMers will find time and share with the fun for this is interactive and constructive. Thanks.
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