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Apr 24th 2014 new
(quote) Claire-247015 said: Since I turned 65 last August I have been wondering about this. Three score years and ten is the allotted time. Men can expect to live until 78 and woman to 83 on average. Wondering what others think. I do know that I would like to die after an illness not just drop dead type of thing.maybe I want time to square things with God. Not sure. What about you?

We have been taught we "know neither the day nor the hour." So,

I think a good motto is to plan to live a long time, but then live each day as if it is your last.

In practice, I make plans for a long and healthy life and mostly act on those, but once in a while I stop and ask myself, if I only had one year left to live, what would I do? This exercise has led to a couple of radical changes in my life, and I have been pleased with the results.

Apr 25th 2014 new
(quote) Gerald-283546 said:

if I only had one year left to live, what would I do? This exercise has led to a couple of radical changes in my life, and I have been pleased with the results.

Jerry, are you going to keep us guessing on the radical changes? Does it have to do with that thing you own that floats on the water??? Do tell......wondering minds want know!!
Apr 25th 2014 new
I keep asking that God not take me till my house is in order.
Figuratively AND literally, thank you.

Apr 25th 2014 new
I know I will live for an eternity, just don't want it to be a rather uncomfortable place :) dread the thought!
Apr 25th 2014 new
A rather morbid option is to look up your date of death on the computer. Google: deathclock
Apr 25th 2014 new

Of course, on a more physiological note, a good thing to do is to calculate your Frahmingham Risk Score and see what your risk of having a heart attack is in the next 10 years. This has the benefit of potentially leading one to modify some risk factors!

Apr 26th 2014 new
I plan on living until I become an embarrassment to my children! laughing
Apr 26th 2014 new
Heck, I achieved that 18 years ago!
Apr 26th 2014 new
(quote) Marge-938695 said: Heck, I achieved that 18 years ago!
Way to go, Marge! Bow
I have never ceased...still am embarassing them...It could actually be good for their souls?...hmm...
and...for mine? angel LOL wave
Apr 27th 2014 new
To be honest, I think about this very rarely. My father died young (40) of cancer, so the year I turned 40 was quite surreal. I thought a lot about his life that year... things like "this was it?". My paternal grandfather died at about 63, while my mother was pregnant with me. So my direct lineage doesn't bode well for me. I live my life each day without worrying too much about how much time do I have left. I thank God for my life every morning and try to grow closer to him every day.

No matter what age you live to be, it always seems so short (from what I've heard, read & seen).
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