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Apr 29th 2014 new
Thankful, I am, Father, for my Women's Bible Study.
Thankful , too, for the quiet I now enjoy to read and pray.
Thank you for your daily provision for me and my brood!
May 1st 2014 new
Thankful for St. Joseph and his Feast Day
Thankful for my son Joseph
Thankful my folks are both alive
May 3rd 2014 new

I am thankful for the Lords' help in a tough work project that wound down yesterday and allowed me to not work today (Saturday).

I am thankful my 17yr old daughter brought over a friend so they could 'hang out' with me.

I am thankful three of my daughters went tonight to see a special Dance Company performance, and the eyes, ears, time, and finances to fully enjoy the show. It was so stunning, and graceful.

May 3rd 2014 new
in loving gratitude to the Blessed Virgin Mary and God for the heavenly and tempory gifts
in loving gratitude to all the parishes for their beautiful Holy Masses/Holy Priests, staffs, and faithful parishioners
in loving gratitude to all the ladies and gentlemen for your dedication, support, and contributions mbrs to make it all happen
in loving gratitude to my families and friends who are great joy and pleasure to be with
in loving gratitude to all who are so generous and wonderful in their respective occupation/career/jobs
in loving gratitude to cm staffers and mbrs who are so kind, thoughtful, inspiration, dedicated and prayerful life
in loving gratitude to all the daily commuters esp during traffic gridlock for your patience and respect
hug Praying theheart rosary rose rose rose
May 3rd 2014 new
So thankful I was able to take my parents to Mass this afternoon.
Thankful it was a beautiful day and I took my dog for a nice walk.
Thankful for the smell of sheets dried on the line. I can't wait to go to bed ~ nite!
May 3rd 2014 new
I'm thankful for the surprise visit from my sister and nephews and getting to hang out with them at the zoo and park.

I'm thankful my friend has returned back to the states from his deployment in Afghanistan safe and of sound body and mind.

I'm thankful to our Lord is always watching over me and my love ones, that I may appreciate and pass on his constant blessings to others...
May 3rd 2014 new
I'm thankful today.....
--for my son going into school finals with straight A's
--for brother's kidney stones having passed without him passing out
--for Vincent D'Onofrio
May 4th 2014 new
I'm thankful for my faith.

I'm thankful for my parish.

I'm thankful for Spring!
May 5th 2014 new
I'm thankful for beautiful Spring days for prayer.

I'm thankful for gifts of encouragement received.

I'm thankful for this Catholic community.
May 5th 2014 new
I am thankful for my health.

I am thankful for the wonderful people the Lord has gifted me with as friends.

I am thankful for getting alot done today!
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