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Discussion related to living as a Catholic in the single state of life. As long as a topic is being discussed from the perspective of a single Catholic then it will be on-topic.

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Jul 5th 2014 new
(quote) Josephine-586127 said: OK. Ya got me there. It wouldn't be the first time I worded something poorly.

Maybe I should have said "Especially if you don't have very good and old mutual friends." LOL. Is that better?
Well, I don't know if the age of the mutual friends matters that much,
but I suppose the old ones theoretically would have more wisdom. smile
Jul 5th 2014 new
(quote) Kevin-1086983 said: Be sure to question their most annoying relative or friend. That person is most likely to mention details about your date others would avoid saying.
But would the details necessarily be true ? smile
Jul 6th 2014 new
(quote) Maria-1022025 said: ...Now I do not know about anyone else, but I feel that background checks are appropriate especially at the point where you start getting emotionally vested into a relationship. ...
I am interested to hear what everyone has to say about this---
If I had a potential spouse, and I felt there was a need to run a background check
on her, I think I would eliminate her from consideration on that basis, and skip
the background check.
Jul 6th 2014 new
This discussion reminds me of a skit in the movie amazon women on the moon.

Jul 6th 2014 new
(quote) Kevin-40666 said: How come it matters if the mutual friends have been standing for a long time ?
Because, Kevin, really good friends don't sit.
Jul 6th 2014 new
I guess it would depend on the person your dating or might potentially to marriage. I would say that ask your friend if they would be offended if you conducted a background check on them, see their reaction first. I must say, I have done this before and yes only had 1 man to quickly say no, and ended our date that night...needlesss to say, I didn't need to complete the background check because I no longer wanted to date him. Also, I need to be around for my family they depend on me and I don't need to bring someone with a bad reputation into my family.

So I say, it all depends on how comfortable you are with that person and see if your both a good match for each other.
Jul 6th 2014 new
I agree 100% with you, Kevin.
Jul 6th 2014 new
you would consider if they have a cori form on record that this suffice!!!
Jul 6th 2014 new
(quote) ED-20630 said: Now you're sounding like Obama. Sorry, I just couldn't resist. Nothing to see here folks. Move along. Move along.


Hey, let me save All Y'all a few bucks here. A check on me would show:

I live a very boring life --at least in terms of criminal activity. There's one speeding ticket (which I still protest because the radar gun was set for stationary, but the trooper was driving towards me when he "clocked" me)

I went through a bankruptcy at the time of the divorce (ex was addicted to credit cards and not reliable with his financial responsibilities either). Even though I got a job as soon as I could, minimum wage doesn't support a house & kids.

I did complete a college degree post divorce -- and will be paying off the college loans for years to come.

CAUTION: I married a "junior" whose mother had the same first name as mine and there's at least one other person with my name who will turn up on Google searches. Good luck trying to sort through that little confusion!
Jul 6th 2014 new
(quote) Virginia-182942 said: Hey, let me save All Y'all a few bucks here. A check on me would show:

You hope it will. I don't know if anyone has mentioned this yet, but the background checks that are offered on the Internet are notoriously inaccurate, both omitting relevant information and reporting negative information about other people. This is especially a problem for those with common names.

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