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Jul 5th 2014 new
I don't know if they plan it that way,it just happens. I think we are open to God chemistry is all part of His plan. If we go according to the world's standards we limit ourselves. With God all things are possible!
Jul 5th 2014 new
Height is a physical attribute I have never thoought much about. I have had friends an realtives from 4 ft 9 to 6ft 7. I just really never had anybiasees one way or the other. I remember a friend of mine would aslways say"Good things come in small packages"
Jul 5th 2014 new
(quote) Paul-1049651 said: ....go into hiding ....

An excess of height makes it difficult for a man to ............................................................................................................

escape from a stern Middle Eastern autocracy in a burqa to avoid capture, torture and execution for espionage although long legs may make the difference on the moors of Scotland masquerading as the plains of eastern Europe between being shot in the back or making it to the shelter of a stone cairn to exercise the licence to kill by shooting down the little yellow SPECTRE helicopter ....

Jul 5th 2014 new
Patrick.....I guess I never thought about this before, I really have no such preference or it has not been an issue that I can remember. I know it can be rather uncomfortable when a man is much taller and the woman is constantly having to look up and he always has to bend down just to talk to her. Makes it hard to whisper into one's ear. Good question!
Jul 5th 2014 new
It's not necessarily the height but the attitude.

Davy Jones was always short but charming and he was a huge teen idol. Girls went nuts over him. Michael J. Fox has a sense of humor about not being tall, and he's in a good, lengthy marriage. He's cute too.

Nothing more unappealing than a man with short man syndrome. crazy
Jul 5th 2014 new
Your comment brought back memories. I had a girl friend who was about 4' 11" and she said that " good things come in small packages". My quick retort, so does poison. We both had a good laugh. She was a 4' 11" dynamo
Jul 5th 2014 new
(quote) Patrick-781405 said: By the way, this is my first post.

I'm 5'6" , so I'm relatively short, however I've never thought of myself as a short person when with other people. Now as a guy with my height, is it realistic to think that any lady, let's just say 5'9" and above may not even give me a chance just because I'm shorter than her?

Good for you that you feel comfortable with someone taller. I prefer shorter women than 5'9" and haven't corresponded with anyone taller than me. Everyone has there preferences; you probably prefer a woman younger than you like most men. Some women here may not have strong preferences other than age range of 5 years.eyepopping
Jul 5th 2014 new
I am not sure I like looking up to people. It makes me feel short.
Jul 5th 2014 new
Welcome to the forums!

I'm not sure what advice I can offer you that others won't have already beat me to. Personally, I do consider tall women attractive, and I have no problem whatsoever if the lady in question ends up being taller than me. (I have two younger brothers who are both taller than me, one of whom almost always was when I was growing up, so it's not that big a deal to me.)

That said, it's only one of several attributes to take note of. I once knew this young lady, drop dead gorgeous, but she had an ego the size of a building. I quickly lost any interest in her.

I hope my ego isn't that big.
Jul 5th 2014 new
(quote) Paul-1049651 said: But the overwhelming majority of people DO let it matter, very much. Height suggests power and command and, simply because most men are taller than most women, registers in people's minds as a secondary sexual characteristic of men. I know a law firm that only hires tall men (or women of any height) for courtroom work--their height intimidates shorter counsel and impresses juries and, presumably, judges. Commercial airline pilots tend to be tall -- it inspires confidence in the passangers. CEOs are disproportionately chosen from among the tall, and there is social-science research suggesting that, certainly for males, every extra inch of height adds x dollars to one's income. One can go on and on. It's reasonable for women to prefer tall men because this increases the chances that their children will also be tall and to enjoy all the social and economic advantages that tend to go with that.

All that said, rules admit of exceptions, and it's not too surprising that, on rare occasions, the man who stands five-foot-six is happily married to the woman who's five-foot-nine. I'm just saying that there are good reasons why such matches are rare. Personally, while I can appreciate the beauty of a tall woman, my hormones simply shut down or go into hiding in the presence of one.

You make the purchase of a good pair of elevator shoes sound like a worthy investment. laughing

Now, since I'm 6'4", I won't be buying them. Instead, in an effort lift spirits, I will point out a few things that the "not-quite-so-tall" don't have to be concerned about:

> Airline seats are much, much more comfortable for the less-tall. I have negative legroom in nearly all airline seats. It is impossible for the person in front of me to recline.... Very uncomfortable for me too.

> Jeans (plain old Levi's) are very difficult to find in any store. If I find a pair, I usually buy them.

> Can't buy hemmed dress slacks in a store. I almost always but un-hemmed shacks and have them hemmed by an in-house tailor.

> The ONLY stores that I can walk into and buy slacks or long sleeve dress shirts or long-sleeved T-shirts off the rack are Nordstrom and Eddie Bauer.... That's it... Not even Macy's. Big and tall stores don't count because their clothes tend to be more on the ugly and out-of-style side of fashion. Mail order from "Land's End" or "Eddie Bauer" is my next good choice.

> On rainy days, pedestrians put their umbrellas right at eye-poking-out level. It can be dangerous out there. we are borg

> Most vehicle seats are not built for someone 6'4". Discrimination!

> Tables are too low and the backs of most chairs aren't tall enough. Oh the humanity! I look forward to see my chiropractor every so often so he can get the kinks out of my back, neck and shoulders. If only chairs and table were build for tall people, then life would be much better... but then the short people would complain that their feet don't touch the floor when sitting. scratchchin

> I recall walking into a movie theater a few years ago. As I passed a couple sitting to the left of me, the woman whispered.... "Gosh, I hope he doesn't sit in front of me!" shocked Now if I was paranoid, I might think that she said it just loud enough so that I could hear her. scratchchin

Feel better yet? laughing


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