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Aug 2nd 2014 new
(quote) Virginia-182942 said: So Charles, can you find us a quiz on Emoticon Q?
No,But I found this, It tells you what emoticon you are. laughing

Aug 2nd 2014 new
(quote) Charles-976166 said: No,But I found this, It tells you what emoticon you are.

cool Well, I do wear shades when I drive & when I'm out on the boat.
Aug 3rd 2014 new


Your emotional intelligence level is: Superior Intelligence. You are uniquely empathetic and you can keenly understand what others are going through.
Aug 4th 2014 new


Your emotional intelligence level is: Exceptionally gifted. People are drawn to you and your charisma is highly enchanting.
awww, this really made my day! gotta love this quiz.

Aug 4th 2014 new
I think, based on the questions, and I took the test several times to make sure, that a high score can also mean poor boundaries. Whoever wrote the test seemed to think that giving yourself away and letting people walk on you meant a high emotional IQ.

Saying no and being honest don't seem to matter in the equation. I think those with a balanced EIQ would be more honest and have better boundaries and self esteem. Many of the questions did not have a correct answer for me. What about an honest evaluation of the test. I thought it sucked and asked poor questions. What about you?
Aug 4th 2014 new
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